Creativity Wins

Exceptional professional: with afast pen a typical eight-to-five job cartoonist Marcel Bender in Europe draws amusing portraits, it wasn’t for Marcel Bender. The 34-year-old pulled his Joker out of pocket when choosing a profession and made his great talent, creative drawing to his hobby. I could not imagine, to spend half my life in a dreary Office. So I quick draughtsman and caricaturist became”, says Bender. Well how does one for so what? Profound knowledge of art and cultural history, as well as special technical talents are prerequisite for a successful career in the creative industry-based skills.

After his baccalaureat in terms of design, Marcel Bender completed studying communication design at the Fachhochschule Wiesbaden. In addition to photographic and picturesque topics, Marcel Bender met here also the basics in programming and Web design. His even selected focus however from the outset in drawing. It made me always have fun as a kid. Therefore it was clear, to deepen this talent in the study for me”says Bender. With the diploma in his pocket, the world was open to the young artist. But all beginnings are difficult.

Lateral thinker in a roundabout way to gain experience and making your own money first, Bender worked as a product designer in an international company. Later, he moved the company and expanded its knowledge in the field of PR and marketing. For a prestigious language school, he developed independently appealing image brochures. But quickly realized the creative lateral thinkers, this should represent only a stopover to his professional activity. “Dare to step into the independence I wanted to be my own boss”, Bender says. To achieve this dream, he chose the double-track rail from now on. He secured his monthly income with a part-time job as a graphic designer for an international import / export company. He designed the entire corporate design, say the entire public appearance of the company. The information leaflet to the Internet page I have matched all design aspects”, Bender is looking back. At the same time he created enough space, to form his own company. Bender had decided to be quick draughtsman and caricaturist. In this case, appropriate marketing is the be-all and end-all. I have created a homepage for me and met my first customer in this way”, so Bender. Continuing education ensures the success of today the artist has secured a permanent place in the top ranks of the creative world through hard work and continuous training. Bender is all over Germany as well as in other European countries as a caricaturist and quick draughtsman in use. He is booked by its customers for corporate events and business events, to exorcise the guests within minutes as funny cartoon on the paper. The character arcs are printed with the company logo of the customer and serve as a clever giveaway. This is promotion with fun and style,”says Bender. He is convinced: After graduating, the small professional detours were worth gold! You have brought me to where I always wanted to. Today, I’m my own boss and have it in their own hands, how much time I would like to put in my small, but fine company.” There is more information about the artist on the Internet at. Management Marcel Bender