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39% of the respondents hired an accountant. Expectations of a Tax software special control programs give time, ventilate the thicket of tax laws, and suggest also far cheaper to beech as a tax consultant. Savvy users of such software have what wishes, what do expect newcomers? In the first place, the desire clearly ranks according to a simple helper function that takes user by the hand and leads through the program: 65 percent of respondents attach great importance. Close follows on the heels of the point savings: 60 percent would necessarily specific tax advice. The possibility to send the form to the IRS via software appears almost as important to many. Slightly more than half hold assistance with childcare costs, child allowance and the housing allowance for specifically relevant.

49 percent pleased with pre-made sample letters for the IRS. A good neighborhood has neither desires nor ideas features a control software; the habit may play a major role in, for the over 60-year-old gave this answer most most common. Digital pilot through the Steuerdschungel control programs your medium computer take full advantage of: videos and numerous detailed explanations take reservations even inexperienced and educate beginners to experts. Incorruptible forecasts communicated, how high is the return or payment. Points to inconsistencies or the appearance of individual points in the form such a program automatically and so escapes the taxpayers nothing. Self-employed persons must note sales and business taxes, trust special, somewhat larger packages; Base packages are sufficient for relatively simple tax cases. The cost of the individual programs are between 10 and 30 euros. More information on the subject of tax, as well as by up to 40 percent tax software discounted for downloading at tax printable image material to Softwareload find press delivers the online pressroom at.

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