Weekends Groups

Act themselves to potential visitors to your future store can be divided divided into three groups. First – people who commit impulsive purchases (for immediate consumption). The second group – those who have stored on the weekends a lot of major products in the supermarket, and in the shop at home runs for milk and bread. And the third – the people who commit all purchases in the near to the entrance of the store. Among them may be those who have no car (and hence the opportunity to travel to a distant supermarket), and limited in movement of retirees and working intensively people who do not have time for normal shopping.

Which of these groups will dominate in your store depends on its position and expertise. Therefore, the first step is to choose which of these groups, you will recognize. The next stage – the assortment matrix and prices. It is desirable that at this moment you have been doing not only the range. Be sure to make a prediction turnover and strong demand for various product groups.

Please note, in Moscow the average check in the shop at home ", as a rule, 100-150 rub. Determine what will buy up faster? Milk or bread, meat or groceries? Range of your store must, on the one hand, to repeat a set of competitors' products include major commodity groups. So the consumer does not feel slighted. On the other – have a rare commodity groups (they have no neighbors). A better greater number and diversity.