Moscow Cars

Take the same type of foreign car rental Porshe or Ferrari in Moscow, in contrast to foreign countries, it is impossible. The most expensive car lease, – Limousine. Price rent a limousine is usually determined The calculation does not for a day, but on the hour. This is quite natural: most customers just want a limousine for some short-term activities, such as a wedding. (Similarly see: Verizon). Rent "long Lincoln in Moscow is available for $ 60-70 per hour. Limousines shall rent with the driver. However, some clients prefer to use the services of drivers and when renting "traditional" cars. This is mainly foreigners. Verizon may find it difficult to be quoted properly. – They often are afraid to leave the streets of Moscow – says Dmitry . – In the Russian capital, its strict rules of conduct on the roads, which have little in common with the current worldwide. The usual margin for driver services – about $ 60 per day. True, these days the driver will only work eight hours. Overtime is paid extra. In most companies, the drivers do not hold in the state. Typically, they are attracted to service-specific orders. On average, seven to ten cars at the park accounts for one driver. Most of the rental income market professionals believe: a small or medium company that has in its fleet to 30 vehicles, far more profitable to exploit foreign cars. – If you are working with domestic cars, car rental for one position will take just two cars – one for hire, the other – for parts, – says Dmitry .

Retail Store Investments

Many prefer to buy close to home. Therefore, the discovery "Store on the corner of" promises a good profit. Unless, of course, find the right room and correctly align all business processes. As you know, in the capital to find the area very difficult. Therefore, many of those who wish to start work in trade, prefer to buy existing companies rather than create new ones. The market of retail space is influenced by several opposing factors.

On the one hand, retail stores investment attractiveness of and demand for space continues unabated. On the other – pay is severely restricted. Experts predict that this market in Moscow, came close to breaking point, and soon you'd expect a recession. In addition to the size of the outlet and the value of trade value is determined by the store location and the fact he works in rented or own areas. For example, a grocery store near , Situated on its own premises, it is worth about 900 thousand dollars, and similar in Mitino, rent, – only 90 thousand dollars Is not it a tangible difference? Now the average cost of the store is about 230 thousand dollars It is clear that the current point of sale, which brings real income, worth more than a simple commercial real estate. Rents for prestigious shopping area this summer range from 700-850 dollars / sq. m per year in the third zone Ring Road to 2000-2300 dollars within the Boulevard. In the "sleeping" same areas the figure is between 180-250 U.S.