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Is a set of fences, and each of them can often depend on people's lives. For example, handrails on stairs, an observation deck or fence mounted on the roof in order to be able to protect people from falling during roof repairs. In general, sometimes for only a fence and rescues people from death, especially if it is extremely inconsiderate. Any fence, for example, building a fence is needed to isolate the territory in which can access only certain people and at a certain time or vice versa, do not give people intentionally or accidentally leave the territory. Thus, barriers imposed by the people around their homes, are additional protection against unwanted visitors.

Simultaneously, the fences that are installed near kindergartens, do not allow the children themselves to go beyond the territory of the kindergarten. It is worth noting that the material that used for making fences and fences is very different. For example, a fence, which put some of the houses could be laid of brick, can also be made of wood, iron, or other material, here everything depends on the finances of the owners of the house. Temporary fences is that, for example, set around a construction site or on the sidewalks during the repair of mostly metal. Also, temporary metal fences are often used at concerts, especially those where the audience watch the concert standing up. In recent years, there are many companies engaged in manufacturing building fences and fences, but when buying fences need to be careful, because manufacturers often want to save money and use for the production of substandard materials, but the lower price is not always the case.

Less:-All accounts – and for the apartment for himself – on his own or her own conscience. Finally, the finances in your disposal! It is an honor, but sometimes hungry. Because the new blouse, of course, an important new food Plus:-At least and at its troubled skin, but you learn more or less intelligently manage the budget. Because rent and travel still more important than a new blouse Although, of course, not ceases to be amazed, as my mother can not live on the salary of a month. But with an incentive to work harder and earn more. Less:-Get out, cook, wash, take out the garbage – everything you need to do itself. Willy-nilly remember how good it was when it all made for busy (ha-ha-ha!) your loving family as if it was free time for saturated interesting life.

And as it was comfortable in a clean apartment, which always smelled something delicious, prepared caring mother's or grandmother's hands Plus:-Get out, wash and wash the dishes you can not then, when you nakrichat, and at any convenient time. More specifically, when the accumulated mountain of garbage, dishes and laundry, which becomes uncomfortable to crawl. You live in a comfortable and understood only by you artistic disorder. And yet gradually learn (the circumstances of periodically forced) to maintain a household. Less:-food culture is lost, because cooking for myself lazy, much easier to eat at home and outside it with something definitely harmful, but hearty and delicious. Plus: On the other hand, no stray their cutlets, when you sit on a diet.

In densely populated metropolitan areas homeless animals have long been a rather serious problem for the inhabitants, who are increasingly under attack of feral dogs and for the authorities. The problem is that to keep animals, in fact, been thrown into the street careless people simply have no place. A pair of shelters for homeless cats and dogs already overcrowded, and willing to take a pet home – units. In fairness it must be emphasized that Some people really want the good of our younger brothers. They publish ads that pets are given for a gift in good hands, look for the hosts, kittens or puppies are taught to respect the rules of conduct apartment. However, the good beginnings quickly come to naught when it becomes clear that no one is burning desire to start a special dog, pet birds, a cat.

Immediately after this good before that animal owners are bused out of town and throw them to their fate. More puppies and kittens often die under the wheels of vehicles or as a result of injuries from amateur to shoot at live targets, just run wild, get in packs. How to cope with this problem and in general – is Does it have a solution? Experts believe that the homeless animals will be a headache for as long as care for them will not be enshrined in law. This will be possible immediately after the creation of a clear legal and executive base, but apparently, this goal was not close. Meanwhile, animal welfare (Chelyabinsk is one of the few rosciyskih cities, where he works zoozaschita) operating at a bare word of honor as well as financing, planted in the city budget for this purpose, not just small – it is miserable! Partially resolve the situation turns from private sponsors. Ads resonate in the hearts of small groups of people who are as much as rescue shelters, and various household supplies, money, food.

Naturally, this is not enough, even though such assistance has helped save the lives of hundreds of animals that have been given more or less tolerable conditions of existence. There is another side to this problem. Nurseries, in which there are homeless pets – this in spite of that, a temporary measure. Of course, the service has zoozaschity our younger brothers possible assistance, but even the best shelter would never be a perfect place for dogs or cats. They need caring hands, your own house, where the pet will feel like a family member and will ultimately rest. K much to the chagrin, it happens not always. Advertisements do not give the desired effect without massive social advertising and promoting the humane treatment of animals. So it turns out that the homeless animals became part of the Life just enthusiastic, caring people, but authorities only shrug their shoulders and increase the staff of the murderers – those who go out to shoot wild dogs and cats are in full compliance with the law.

But most importantly, becoming parties to the financing, owners have the right to control the repair process at all stages. Right to use that not only can, but necessary. Arithmetic overhaul Consider a typical example – retrofitting system heating. As practice shows, it is often limited to the replacement of risers and patching holes in the basement. While the law provides for the installation of modern energy-efficient equipment. This means that you can (And should) require replacement of morally and technically outdated systems. As a result, residents will be able to significantly reduce the amount of payments for heating (of course, provided that the calculations for him will be conducted on the testimony of house heat meters). "Modernization of heating systems and installation of devices to control the heat consumption can reduce its consumption by an average of 30% during the heating season – says Konstantin , Director of Heat Automation Ltd.

Danfoss, a leading global manufacturer of energy efficient equipment for heating systems and heating buildings. – The same proportion is reduced and the size of payments for heating. Annual savings could be 3-4 thousand rubles. the apartment, and sometimes more. For many it is a considerable amount better spent on other needs: for example, on vacation or their children's education. " It should be noted that 30% – is not the limit. Thus, after upgrading the heating system a five-story house number 29 on Lenin Street in the city Belorezk monthly savings on payments to tenants for heating was approximately 35-45%.

Suppose, for 5-15 items the dealer collects the desired volume, stop buy and the game is over, all calm, and for all other market participants, this is a false alarm, the market returned to baseline levels and silence. Familiar? Who among You can tell that he was aware of a client in any bank of the world will give an order to buy or sell a specific amount of currency? Who owns the insider? In general, the concept of forex, who refines it? Come on, local bank instructed to buy a large amount of currency, its actions: if he starts to fly, then immediately raise the rate very highly as he does? He starts to shake the market and starts selling like tracking volume, the market begins to move, prices are coming down and as soon as counterparties, exposing bid, start taking minimum lot (who wants to buy expensive, if prices go down?), it stops selling, why not? Because, connect the other, they begin to push the market, hoping to cash in on speculation and the use of movement in the market for profit, offers a lot of margin positions, and those who wanted to sell, start to fuss, the price of the same leaves, and returns it or not, nobody knows. The dealer is in the market, he sees the volume, it is his advantage, and this is important. Artificially created a situation to increase the supply by decreasing demand. At this point, our dealer starts 'Slow down the market', showing orders to buy, but naturally with a minimum lots, in order not to stand out.

Show me these tricks at home they do not permitted by law. There, the bank shall indicate in promotional materials not only the interest rate, but apr (Annual Percentage Rate of Charge), ie the real cost of credit. I had seen such advertising on the streets of European cities: 'Free express loan at 0%, apr -12% per annum. " In Russia, no such law, so the client needs most 'pull' of the banking agreement with all the necessary information. Make it easy, the banks, so to say, do not emphasize client on the value of additional payments. Therefore, the first document that we have carefully read – himself a loan agreement.

It is important not to rush, to ask the representative of the bank all the questions (maybe make a few 'trips' in Bank – Ed.) ask the bank manager to make a detailed calculation of the monthly payments. Incidentally, this calculation should be specified as an annex to the treaty. What the commission can be 'hidden' in the loan agreement? Most difficult and dangerous case – monthly fee, which increases the real rate of 1,5-3 times, as though modestly, this percentage did not look in the contract. After all, even a 1% monthly commission will give 12% of annual surpluses. In addition, the contract may be specified percentage of the use of credit, processing fee, loan fees, fees for reviewing documents or opening a loan account. Incidentally, the fee for the examination of documents by the credit committee of the bank can charged and negative decision.

Credit (from Lat. Creditum – loan), providing money and goods on credit. Cash loan, consumer loan, cash loan – for the moment these are different names for essentially the same banking product. Banks are vying with each other offer new loan products and offers credit crisis, but how to find a cash loan with favorable conditions, many do not know. We examine this question in detail. Before the analysis of credit rates need to pay attention to two important details: banks' claims on the borrower. Since the onset of the crisis have tightened requirements for borrowers in almost all banks with a few exceptions.

First, the increased age at which credit is extended in cash. In general, the average age at which you can draw cash loan is 23 years, but there are few cases of lending in 1921. Secondly, increased the necessary experience to last job: currently the most liberal requirements 3 months makes only a few banks, while most loans to individuals with experience of 6 months and above. Thirdly, many banks have introduced restriction on the receipt of cash loan for people with certain income. In such a situation a person is difficult to pick up the bank, where you can get a loan, given his income, seniority and age, as well as many other parameters, which are discussed below. Requirements for the documents for the loan in cash. As a rule, for credit in cash without sureties, in addition to the standard passport and the second document, the banks have require a certificate confirming the borrower's income, and a copy of the work book. If previously it was sufficient to provide a certificate in the form of the bank, now need to formally 2-PIT.

These stricter requirements to the documents made it opportunity to turn all sorts of fraudsters who specializes in the production of documents for the loan. However, despite the complexity of the situation with the necessary proof of income, there is still a possibility get cash loans without reference to income. What to look for when choosing a credit program to start to analyze the rates on the loan. The interest rate you should pay attention, but only part. Returns the time when banks are laying the bulk of the interest burden in the various monthly fees (commission for the csc, the Commission for maintaining accounts, etc.), so this point should be noted separately. By some banks monthly commission on the loan in cash of more than half of all paid by the customer interest on the loan. Also pay attention to the method of charging commission on the loan, ie determine how it is calculated. Second to that is worth paying attention to when choosing the loan in cash – a one-time fee for receiving it. Wide range of commissions – it varies from 2 to 10 percent. Penalties for early repay the loan in cash at the moment are rare, but it is worth to clarify how early redemption is carried out. Often when you make the sum greater than the monthly payment, the difference is simply hanging out on the bill and neither is a principal repayment of the loan and the interest continues to accrue on a large balance. Thus, to choose for themselves a cash loan you need to assess banks' claims on borrower, document requirements, fees for the loan. I wish you good luck with the credit.