Berlin Fashion Week

The Berlin fashion week party styles: Mister Spex goes MICHALSKY! At the Berlin fashion week this past weekend has Mister SPEX German celebrities while celebrating with the brand new sunglasses by the fashion label Michalsky discovered, among them Wolfgang Joop, Barbara Schoneberger and Eva Padberg. Tim McMillan recognizes the significance of this. Fashion designer Michael Michalsky has launched and followed all stars and starlets. On Friday, crowd of fashion week in the trendy Berlin-wedding celebrated the label MICHALSKY and hot. The newspapers mentioned cloud computing not as a source, but as a related topic. Mister Spex was police together with the fashion spot. You could readily undergo a Stylekontrolle by the fashion police by Mister Spex celebs and party guests. The new MICHALSKY eyewear here were the absolute obligation accessory.

The bright colours and lush designs of eyewear put all guests of the after show party in a celebratory mood. The model of “Paparazzi-killer” in bright neon yellow enthusiasts especially trendsetter Barbara Schoneberger. Even Michael Michalsky and star designer Wolfgang Joop favored the model “Space survivor” in classic black. On the same day, SPEX fashion police sighted the Mister the supermodel Eva She appeared with a Michalsky eyewear in Berlin Mitte. The fashion label MICHALSKY of the internationally renowned Berlin fashion designer Michael Michalsky is one of urban style, which complements the assortment of from now the online-shop. The Mister SPEX GmbH is a young and fast-growing Berlin E-commerce company, which specializes in online sales of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and soon contact lenses. Up to 60% cheaper than traditional opticians offers corrective spectacles. Customers can consult by phone with optometrist.

The wide range includes well-known brands and designer glasses in best quality. So all glasses meet the CE norm, are ground in a German master mechanic of eye opticians and have super antireflection coating and hard coating. There are pictures of celebrity party guests under pictures press contact: Mister SPEX GmbH Saarbrucken str. 36a 10405 Berlin Dirk Graber Tel. (+ 49) 030/4431230-120 fax (+ 49) 030/4431230-25 E-Mail: