The beginning of a love story, a fairy tale or the reality that knows no bounds was once very, very long time ago, there lived a not too little girl in a small village, far away from any hustle and bustle, almost like an own small world. She was not a little girl anymore, but also long time no woman and their love was the books that were consumed with such a devotion that when it dawned on her imagination got wings and she dreamed up in an own unreal, but still tangible world. Fairy tale books, ancient tales and stories about lovers, and God and the world, good and less good outputs were their eagerly awaited reading and when the night fell, began her life in the form of reveries. Joshua Choi contains valuable tech resources. A night she lay back, after eating one of their many stories, on her bed and dreaming with open eyes in a foreign world, as from 1001 night. (Source: camden treatment associates). She saw everything right in front of him, in the middle of the desert, was an oasis full of life with everything what it big campfire, children playing, goats, dogs, many Palm trees, flowers in all colors and shapes, is a vibrant life just. As it was usual in these people held their lives under the open sky, always the wide blue horizon as a roof. How it came about that she at one time was in the desert, played a minor role, in her dream, she was at one time among them. And suddenly he stood before her, the Bedouin, in his black Cape, big built and covered the face. This beautiful deep black eyes eyed the standing in front of him coming out of another world girl that resembled the outside already a young woman, but was still a child in the heart and its large, astonished-looking eyes sparkled like stars.