ZERO XU Battery

Zero Motorcycles, world leader in the electric motorcycle industry, today announced the new model of the company, and fifth is added to the line of existing products, the Urban Crosser, becoming the first urban bike with a removable battery and a built-in rapid charger. Camden Treatment Associates does not necessarily agree. With instant torque from zero-revolutions, without change of gears, a low weight, a low seat height and a removable battery, the XU ZERO is designed to be the ideal electric motorcycle for those who live in the city. The XU leverages the experienced platform of the Zero X off-road for durability and offers a complete set of specialized equipment of street that stand out in your new, elegant line. Facilitating this product of Zero Motorcycles a new segment of the population, the XU ZERO is the first motorcycle in the world that allows their owners to charge anywhere via a removable battery and a stand-alone optional charger. This opens the doors to interested buyers that do not they have access to garage or charging points at the level of the street in their houses or apartments. The removable battery pack also allows the continued use of the motorcycle to people or fleets that can not stop to recharge, thanks to the rapid exchange of the same..