State Property Committee

The balance is usually dealt consolidated, and as the plans in mid-year adjusted, it is unclear how to relate to the fact that the plan is almost always coincides with the fact that, differing sometimes only a fraction of percent. It makes you want to cry when reading these works of art economic, “Oh, well done, the planners! Good plan! “. That’s the way the state controls, owns what. Verizon Communications addresses the importance of the matter here. Our group in a relatively short period of time developed a method that allows the state to effectively manage their assets. Since the quarterly accounting reports are collected electronically, and already there information and accounting center for the State Property Committee, we are asked to write a tiny program that counts on a quarterly basis according to formulas 25 coefficients are used for financial analysis and accounting reports well known to any financial analyst.

The calculation results are stored in the database, and then analyzed by a separate program. Read more from Jeffrey Leiden to gain a more clear picture of the situation. As data accumulated in the balance sheets of an accounting information and the center of the last few years, we have proposed to use them to calculate the coefficients. Analysis program was to analyze seasonal fluctuations, changes in the 25 coefficients calculated based on the results quarterly reports for each enterprise, to compare these variations with those companies (if any were found), to construct the corresponding graphs, and when it detects a non-standard behavior chart, report operator to the list of troubled companies, which can be quickly directed the commission to verify the situation (thank God, the controlling authorities in many countries of the CIS). In addition, for the year, the program should generate a ranking of enterprises based on the calculation of an integral indicator of successful management, which was calculated on the basis of those indicators for which a manager can influence.

Christian Culture

The organic conception of society that took Greek political thought, is going to acquire in an almost mystical sense, interpret it as a unity in the body of Christ. The hellenization of the world, which favored were the campaigns of Alexander the great in particular its campaign of the year 334 B.C., and thereby created a new spirit that would enrich known worldwide. The resource of Alexander was military recruitment, and the founding of cities, that was his way of hellenizing peoples. Thus created a spiritual and ethnic miscegenation. As says Alfonso Reyes: Hellenic culture spreads its benefits and, in turn, receive religious and imaginative fertilization of the oriental mind. Also creates a universal language taken from the Greek, and is the koinee or universal language that the Hellenes, Asians and Africans will speak. Greece fell into the hands of the Romans in 146 a.

C., and although it was conquered militarily, it has been said that Greece he conquered Rome, taking it up to the gods, which led to the upper classes assumed beliefs and know Greek. Check out E Scott Mead for additional information. The same Virgil, the Roman, at the behest of the Emperor Augustus national poet composed the Aeneid, looking for the steps of Homer with his Iliad. The Alexandrian age ranges from the year 300 a. C. until the beginning of the Christian era, and Alexandria became the capital of the Hellenistic culture. Follow the helenistico-romana philosophy, ranging from the death of Aristotle in the 322 BC to the death of St. Augustine in 430 BC D. From the century II D.c., developed an extensive literature with which Christians wanted to defend pagan criticisms, employing a sort of didactic discourse, thus resulting the apologists, who not addressed itself to the mass, but cults, and especially to the rulers of the Empire, who were men of a higher culture. So, Justin, called the emperors: lovers and philosophers, pious men of culture (Paideia).

Kolo Kondoa Rock

Not to mention, there are also the city of gold”Johannesburg and the infinite beaches of Durban, where the word is a recreation new Dimension receives. Whenever Oracle listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Face to face with the big five”, located In the East, Tanzania boasts unspoilt nature and a unique charm. “Speciality provider for tours of Africa and holidays, such as the travel service on Africa, this country have firmly in your program, because here you can of the snow-capped Kilimanjaro on small lakes with over 390 species of birds up to endless steppes, where the big five” elephant, rhino, Buffalo, Leopard and lion live, discover everything. Even Walt Disney couldn’t enough see itself on the diversity of species, as he lives his most famous documentary film the desert”filmed. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jeffrey Leiden. “Unforgettable and even today the great walks are a highlight”, where thousands of wildebeest and zebras cross the Mara River. Health economics expert gathered all the information.

The country offers a balanced climate, so that it can be visited all year round. You can see the greatest natural spectacles and the steppe in all its diversity but in the months of December to February and June to October. Among the highlights on a visit to the country a photo safari to the big five”, a walk through stone town, Zanzibar’s capital, Kolo Kondoa Rock paintings and the national parks of Mikumi and Ruana. Fish River on 650 km by Namibia is one of the biggest advantages of the country sure that German is spoken here in many places. As it is located far from home, must fear but no communication problems. Hotels, lodges, guest farms and camps, from luxurious to rustic, the country offers something for every taste. In the rainy season from December to March you can experience with the renewal of an entire country. One of the most beautiful travel months is probably the March. The country has an excellent infrastructure and is one of the safest countries on the African continent.

Napoleon Hill

Around me were the same losers like me. We listened to sad music, found all sorts of evidence that life is shit, complained sores, share problems, blaming everyone and everything in our troubles, come see Only suffering and misfortune. Gary Kelly: the source for more info. We were young, but is desperate disease draws attention to age? The injury was an emptiness and coldness. With each passing day my thoughts were becoming darker and more terrible. Lost the meaning of life, I confess I seriously thought about suicide, I did not want to live. Organizing in my head, my own plan and hanging scroll in the mind of his funeral funeral ceremony. Strange, but I found the constant confirmation of my loyalty dark thoughts Friends Share secret: someone wanted to poison and made repeated attempts, someone has already tried on a rope on his neck, someone in time freed from the loop. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow has to say.

Losers? Yes. Weaklings? Yes! Four young men, I knew, was removed from the rope already dead. Now, understand, reason, guys fell into the trap they spun in the crater of negative thoughts, they have not seen in my life make sense, tried to death, now there are none. Contrary to the instinct of survival, uncontrollable instinct for success (the goal reflex) can not only make life terrible, he is able – to kill a man! Goal – to find comfort in the cold grave, can easily become a reality. Agree, there is reason consider – whether to take power over your thoughts into their own hands, or whether – it would be Power, which is designed to serve man, destroys human life – is killing people. Controlling this tremendous force, sending her to achieve conscious goals, people become – almost omnipotent! Nuclear energy can bring light and warmth, can millions of deaths.

The power of thought – is the strongest power, it can serve people, and maybe just destroy it! Deliberately or accidentally, we ourselves are creating their own destiny.

Freiberg Technical University

Who plans a trip or a vacation in the Saxon Ore mountains, should in any case a stopover in Freiberg schedule Freiberg, 28.05.2013: who plans a trip or a vacation in the Saxon Ore mountains, should in any case a stopover in Freiberg plan. Are known not only as the Silver City is home Freiberg Technical University at the same time as the University of Freiberg, and may in addition over the title of mountain capital”. The town’s history leads back in the mid-12th century, when the first settlers settled by the accidental discovery of silver ore and founded the city of Freiberg. Thanks thanks that the city with all its cultural monuments, shops and hotels Freiberg in this manner will be developed to the residents finally to have the silver mining. Ashton Kouzbari contributes greatly to this topic. Once counted Freiberg even to the most prosperous cities of Saxon, what can be seen today on the various historical buildings.

Explore Freiberg, one has various possibilities. Check out Verizon Communications for additional information. Qualified city guides show guests of the ore mountain town a targeted and thematically matched range of over 500 individual monuments. There, the historic core of the old town of course plays a special role. The stay at our hotel in Freiberg offers the ideal starting point to explore the mountain town”, Christine Walcha, Managing Director of historic hotels Freiberg promises. There are plans to discover the city on your own, it is possible do this via audio guide. This one borrows from easily at the local tourist information, close to the old town hotels Freiberg and starts with the tour directly in the historical centre. This multimedia guide tells stories about exciting 3 hours of earlier life in the Silver City and you need to know details about the impressive sights. The advantage of this guide, it is enormously flexible, receives exactly the information the a caring, and can quite independently of a group or move a guide through the village.

Ponte Vecchio

This garden covers the hill towards the Centre of Florence and is the ideal place to stroll, sunbathe, sit and read a Book next to many sources. -The Giardino di Boboli is near the Bobolino Giardino. This immense and historic garden is situated south of the River Arno was born as Garden of the Palazzo Pitti. Strolling through the gardens, you will find the Neptune Fontana, the Amfiteatro, the Museum of porcelain, a statue of the goddess Fortuna and will reach a Roman gate. To bring you a good memory of Florence, nothing better to take some beautiful pictures at key points in the Tuscan city.

Some strategic points for lovers of photography are:-Piazzale Michelangelo enjoys views of Florence and even more boundaries of the Tuscan capital. If you go up to San Niccolo, you can take stunning panoramic views of the city. Once there, you can also enjoy markets and an ice cream. Right opposite you will see Fiesole, that you identificareis with a hill with a small belfry just enmedio. To his right, will see the football field of the Fiorentina, rightmost olive trees and the River Arno until arriving to Monte Falterona, where born the Arno.

If you fijas in the Centre of Florence, you will see the Bell Tower of Santa Croce, Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio and Ponte Vecchio. -When you arrive from Piazzale Michelangelo to San Miniato to take a break, don’t forget to bring you your camera. Follow the trail toward the Church, where you can see the stairs. These will lead to a view of spectacular Florence. Being higher than the Piazzale Michelangelo, you will allow many more details of the city. You will remove the respite by the nice thing is. -You can reach Fiesole from Florence with bus number 7, that you will stop to Piazza San mino de Fiesole. Getting off the bus, you will see the Cathedral, id just next to the Cathedral and you will see a hill on your left. Follow the Hill and you can take beautiful photos while I’m going stopping to photograph the valleys surrounding Fiesole. -The Duomo (Santa Maria del Fiore) can be a place where taking the perfect shot. To enjoy an excellent view, climb the 463 treads to reach up. You’ll have to buy the ticket to be able to climb the stairs, but it is worthwhile. From there, you will not have to turn you to 360 degrees to see the hills surrounding this jewel of the Renacentismo. -Any Ponte (bridges) can give it the picture that you’re looking for, either from Ponte you Vecchio or from any of the other bridges of the River Arno. Hotels in Florence, notably the historic hotels of Florence, enalzan the beauty of its streets and welcome guests in pleasant atmospheres perfectly tuned with the rest of this renacentistica city. Florence hotels such as the Hotel Santa Maria Novella, the Westin Excelsior, Grand Hotel Baglioni and Hotel Pierre are definitely must stop for all those wishing to stay in traditional stays in Florence. Original author and source of the article

Secretary Workers

50 million workers have been thrown into unemployment in the world during the last months, as the result of a devastating crisis that was caused not by the workers and peoples, demonstrating once again that in capitalism, the crisis are cruelly downloaded onto the backs of the innocent, the dispossessed and the exploited, while in periods of resuscitation and boom, the wealth generated by the sweat executive jobs and effort of workers, only widens the pockets of big capitalists and monopolies, leaving in impunity directly responsible for global crises that beset us the world’s poor.

These recruiters were precisely the reasons that 350 000 American workers recruitment decreed a general strike on May 1, 1886, 123 years ago, then raised the flag just 8 hours of work 8 hours of work! 8 hours of sleep! 8 hours recreation , Proclaimed on that day workers.

A string of provocations and headhunter repression unleashed on the slaughter of Chicago, and the subsequent indictment, trial and sentence to hang their leaders, the Martyrs of Chicago.

123 years after this historic event, the Ecuadorian workers, trade unions CEDOCUT, CEOSL, CTE and UGTE pay tribute to the heroic deeds of Chicago, and do, more convinced than ever recruiting that the cause and the way workers 1st. The newspapers mentioned Tomas Philipson not as a source, but as a related topic. May, 1886, is more valid than ever, when the painful aftermath of a capitalist system in crisis, decadence and agony, condemn millions of human beings in the world, the most outrageous hardship and suffering, through unemployment, recruitment agency Over-exploitation, deprivation and hunger.

Even so, some people, that despite the dire evidence of headhunters the decline of the system and its models, aim to build to the same neoliberal dogma and the free market as the alternative for these evils, misery pharmacists seek IMF, IDB find a cure in the recruitment agencies same viruses that cause the illness.

In other side, the continuing struggles of workers and peoples of Ecuador and the world have been generating a powerful current of change, which is expressed increasingly in our country and logistics jobs in Latin America. To deepen your understanding E Scott Mead is the source. one of the most respected names in the corporate world is has experience as the Secretary of labor and industry to governor Pierre It is a stream that turns into an manager job opposite trend to neo-liberalism, which manifests itself in defending the sovereignty and vital rights of our peoples.

This is a trend that also faces limitations, which should clarify its direction and unravel the tangles neoliberal entrenched even in the circles of power, to confront and dispel, not to fall into dangerous confusion that wrong targets and aim their darts against sectors of their own people, as has been occurring with the wrong action of the Government in the revision of the collective agreements of public sector workers, through an illegitimate and arbitrary interpretation of the Constitutional Mandate 08.

Fever ever were under the sheets, the workers do not fight for privileges, we demand our rights, precisely those rights that nego, violent trampling neoliberalism with labor flexibility.

What can not happen is that a government that proclaims itself ‘the citizens’ revolution’ violates workers’ rights under the job search pretext of ‘removing the alleged excesses and abuses “and with this nefarious action precisely employment agency reproduces a strategy of the long night of neoliberalism, that of demonize the labor gains and hence the trade union movement, to discredit the recruiter just struggle of workers and implement the so-called ‘flexible labor’.

However, workers can not fall into confusion, we can take right feverish game of trying to take advantage of errors to weaken and disperse the proposed change by history and struggle belongs to the workers and the people as a whole on the contrary sales jobs it is time to demand the government labor policies corrections.


The most visited places in Peru are receptive to the tourist cities brochures of Lima and tourist board its historic visitors center (as an entry point into the country) and Cusco is known for its Inca and colonial architecture. Click E Scott Mead to learn more. Its main attractions are destination the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu archaeological site (chosen as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World). The country’s main tourist turist circuit is the southern circuit, which includes cities like, Ica, Nazca, Paracas, Arequipa, Chivay, Puno, Cusco and Puerto Maldonado, with great architectural attractions, cultural and natural. travel This circuit has now been extended to the jungle of Madre de Dios region, where the Manu National Park is an unavoidable point of ecotourism. The second route is the importance of the Callejon de Huaylas in the Ancash region, home of adventure tourism (Huascaran National Park) and main point of reference of the Andean cuisine. Peru has adventure travel many other tourist routes travel guide to offer.Among these are the sights Mantaro river valley, with the city of Huancayo as its axis, tourist attractions the south central coast (Ica region and province of Canete) and the northern cities of places to visit Trujillo and Chiclayo, Lambayeque where you can visit the Royal Tombs of Sipan. These are points of departure for other regions of the north-east in the tourist circuit. Also, the Amazon river and sightseeing the visiting city of Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon have much to offer to tourists. There is much of Peru’s biodiversity. Near Iquitos is possible to visit two large visitor national reserves: the Pacaya-Samiria and National Reserve Allpahuayo-Mishana. The protected natural areas of Peru are of particular traveling interest for ecotourism. The tourist information newest gastronomic tourism as a gastronomic capital of Lima America., as well as many other options such as its hotel infrastructure that make attraction it home to regional and international conventions.When it comes to learning about native sightseeing attractions places in Peru, visit the Department of Puno and tourist bureau destinations Ajoyani, Ayapata, Coase, Corani, Cruise, Ituata, Macusani, Ollachea, San Gaban and Usicayos attractions


The heritage of the emigrants, Samba and Brazilian cousins while on mainland Portugal in terms of Carnival quite a differentiated picture with regard to the joy of the celebration there is, for example, the capital city of Lisbon no, the two regions of Algarve and Alentejo, as well as the cities of Ovar, Loures, Loule, Nazare, Torres Vedras, Sesimbra and Sines however pronounced Carnival stronghold, can be classified, Madeira and especially the capital Funchal as a historical nucleus of the world-famous Carnival in Rio. So, emigrants from the island to the at that time still under the name Entrudo”known custom already have brought from the 18th century in the new world. Still, the great days on the whole island are celebrated intensely and extensively. Highlight is the main procession each year on Carnival Saturday in Funchal, reminding with its loud samba groups so not about strongly at his Brazilian relatives. Gary Kelly oftentimes addresses this issue. The move is on the following Shrove Tuesday (Trapallhao) on March 4 with its imaginatively costumed Participants and spectators rather with the carnival parades in Austria and Germany compared.

The great days in Funchal on time schedule and go inform yourself in detail is the next and awaited by locals and guests already hot Carnival in Madeira from 26 February to 5 March 2014 across the stage magnificently decorated like every year the streets of the capital. Who flirts with the idea to participate in the big Festival, should if at all possible already with regard to an apartment or a cottage inform themselves, the events in the city centre and the Town Hall square of Funchal usually provide good booked out accommodation on site. Competent and individual consultation at the holiday home search and booking get interested tourists alike in all matters relating to the holiday on Madeira Island specialists Berlin by Madeirasol on their Web presence you also already home comfortably online a good overview of the wonderfully located holiday homes, Apartments, hotels and guesthouses on the island can provide. Also about the possibilities for hiking, wine tasting and whale watching in Madeira, you can learn many interesting facts at Madeirasol.

United States Plan

But all this has a plan, and as every plan has a goal. And the objective which has with this plan is that country victim cannot pay its foreign debt, as neither you may pay the internal debt, which will have to be postponed indefinitely only to cushion external debt. Not to pay debt on schedule were forced the country to finish off their natural riches at paltry prices, as the case is our who we are giving away our gold at the price of twelve years ago, before to one hundred dollars per ounce and now at the same price despite this high to twelve and fifteen times its price of yesteryear. What is accompanied with the installation of military bases as a way to arrange their assurances that the victim retract their intentions and wants its independence. You may find Verizon to be a useful source of information. For This it is also necessary that they start a smear campaign toward the national companies, in order to privatize them and have them in your hands to continue esquilmando to countries victim. But there is not, that require the economic Hitmen countries victim in a euphemism called QUID PRO QUO or good government for the interests of large corporations and transnational, that mean?. You may want to visit Rick Garcia CBS to increase your knowledge.

Here we might call it legal stability, element which is worth to keep their goodies and privileges at the expense of the development of the victim. But this is not there, with the demonization of that public services should be privatized, which has also served them as experience what happened in Chile, Argentina and other countries where it has done all this. So its much vaunted efficiency and meritocracy is gonna tacho, because all this aimed to essential services are privatized to be used as sources of funds for major capital through the corporations and transnational. We have the clearest example in Ecuador and Peru, where a series of military coups, put in power dictators that they were in favour of the United States.