Southern Cordoba Argentina

Cordoba is a province with a special beauty. Full of towns, cities and distinct interconnected landscapes. With its characters, its landscape and its tradition. It is divided by regions that are geographically or historically make it one of the most interesting provinces of the country. In this opportunity the map us took more beyond the mountains, crossing the Champaqui, crossing the high peaks, surpassing the limit with the puntanos of the city of Merlo. The first village we found is called La Paz, capital of the mountain herbs. Already begins to perceive the tranquility of these villages.

We make a tour around the area of Loma Bola, with its imposing hotel, beautiful handicrafts in wood and cargarmos some provisions in the unique service station by a few kilometers. What follows is a very picturesque path where cross farm animals, which connects with the places of crossing, Luyaba and La population (where stopped for lunch in a rack mounted in the garden of a house). This zigzagging route leads to the towns of San and Yacanto Javier, where it grows in large numbers the number of services for visitors (restaurants, lodgings, handicrafts) with its typical square with the Church. From here hiking and horseback riding are performed for the Champaqui and we appreciate dream landscapes. Sir Richard Branson may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Following path we have Las Tapias, as almost reaching Villa Dolores, here we can enjoy Spa Boca del Rio, a lake where you can practice fishing and some water sports.

In this place the way it forks and we we’re going to the road that leads to mine Clavero.Esta area is well known for olive groves, already in Villa Las Rosas found some of the producers of olive oil and its derivatives. It is very interesting to visit some of these factories and take a souvenir for those who could not travel. Now the path is different, it becomes much more busy, is best signposted and find lots of stalls selling cordoban alfajores, collations, salami and goat cheese. Impossible for those who are doing diet. We arrived at the village more high in this area, Los Hornillos, another quiet spot with possibility of mountaineering, fishing or tourism adventure. Stuck we find Las Rabonas, with its Lake of spectacular view towards the mountains, where stands Cola del Dique, a nice place to spend the day. And we arrived at our final destination in this journey in Traslasierra, the city of the Nono, an already much bigger place to the rest of the spots in the area. Crossing two rivers, the Rio de los Sauces, warm waters and extensive beaches and the Chico River of Nono, that allow us to enjoy whole afternoons by the side of river with mate in family. The village has its plaza with a very interesting craft fair and many places to sleep and eat. Hear other arguments on the topic with Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. Among the excursions excels the visit to the multifaceted Rocsen Museum, a unique museum where the most varied collections. St. Hubert, La Quebrada, Los Algarrobos and El Huaico are other picturesque spots located in the vicinity of Nono.

United States Financial

To do this, consider the demand for similar products, create and develop production, to search for raw materials, to provide energy and transport, to find retailers for the implementation of these products, and more another. In this case, is not a fact that created profitable product to sell and will bring the desired profit. United States of America, and beyond them the rest of the world, decided to simplify the chain, and went on the road – 3d. Soon, created by transnational companies and investment groups, became a pyramid scheme operating under the scheme – 3D. Capitalization growth will no longer support the production of goods and real money supply was not enough for further machinations in the financial markets. And then someone came up with the "brilliant idea".

In the population, have accumulated huge sums of money that can be involved in the financial game. Buying shares in the financial pyramids, and playing the markets "Securities" securities, the vast number of ordinary citizens were involved in questionable deals. They promised big and quick profits, and self-esteem everyman flattered that he was "a major investor." To operate such a financial mechanism requires an increasing money supply, not provide real commodity sector and the services market and the U.S. Other leaders such as Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc offer similar insights. government included a printing press to cover the growing losses. Inflatable, now all the participants, financial frauds, including "simple housewife", the money bubble was, inevitably, burst. And this process has started. The current situation, it does not a crisis but only the beginning of the end of the world's financial system and the main "battle" ahead.


Block module – is a construction consisting of a metal frame and frame elements having a closed inner space of a small area, suitable for use in household and industrial purposes. Block-modules combined into groups comprise modular buildings. On the market use different names for products, representing a block-modules is cabins, containers, car-house, cabins, blocks, modules, etc. Munear Ashton Kouzbari has firm opinions on the matter. But the bottom line and overall design features all the same. This article I want to answer the common prejudices and opinions on a block-modules, and to justify them. Myth 1. Building block of units – cheaper capital.

The block-modular construction of three categories of buildings: * building cabins cheap (price category 12.9 thousand rubles per square meter) * block-modules for temporary (short term) placement offices and dormitories (price category – 15-17 rubles per meter) * and buildings permanent placement of office and household purposes, or to place specific technical and technological facilities (laboratories, etc.) (price category of 24 thousand rubles per square meter). For the first two categories of claim cheapness is correct, but note the quality and durability of the obtained premises. As regards the third category, the cost of construction is comparable to the cost of capital building. This is due to the fact that imposed requirements dictate the use of quality materials, engineering systems and compliance technologies, which leads to higher prices for final products. Myth 2. Block-modules is a low-technology product, do not requiring serious production and highly qualified personnel. For the first category of modules – in fact, all it takes is your hands and the flat area in the open.

Internet Music

It has long been no secret that the development of modern information technology has made the process of finding information more accessible and faster. Today, books, software, music, favorite movies and games can be without any problems detect any thematic portal, and there the range is not inferior to the quantity of goods in specialized media stores. Official site: Virgin Airlines. But it is not only a diversity of choice, and that the latest movies and games can be download for free. Let's talk about this in more detail in our today's article. In order to be able to download music, soft and games to install on your hard drive specialist program.

The programs are based on different protocols. Most common in today received protocols ftp, torrent and ed2k. In addition, music and movies available to download via http, but in this case, as a rule, uses indirect references, which is quite inconvenient in terms of resuming of download file for disconnection. These links are being moved users to other pages, where you must first enter the code to download or view advertising. After that, users are provided with a link to the file. few words about the subject resource. In some cases, films and programs available for free without any restrictions.

You just go to a site Select your favorite movie and you download a file directly from your browser, or 'feeds' link to download a special program. Recently, this scheme of work is rarely used. Webmasters interested in permanent users, and increasingly require registration. In this case, the media content is available for free again, but see reference to it is only possible after registration. In the end, there are sites that sell movies and soft in the manner of real stores, but at prices well below market prices. To obtain a reference to either send sms from your mobile phone, or pay for a resource by means of electronic payment systems. Prices movies and programs "do not bite ', but be careful – often under the guise of stores are operating and fraudsters, sending sms, you can not lose a couple of dozen and several hundred rubles. Will pay attention to software. If books, music and movies to be downloaded via http (or https), the additional software you need only a bad connection to the Internet, since downloading via http can be conducted directly from browser. This puncture one of the most simple and reliable, but because of pressure from owners in recent years, it is used less and less. Protocols and torrent ed2k most comfortable and also well protected from the attacks of the copyright owners. Their the point is that music and movies are distributed by the users themselves, and not to any particular central resource. As a result, close the hand is very difficult, though possible. This is clearly demonstrated to us the court processes in relation largest torrent sites. To work with torrents need to install a program like BitComet or Bit-torrent. After this, go to torrent portal, download the file whose name ends with a description of distribution and load it into program. That is, in principle, and everything that we wanted to tell you about free downloading of various media content. Good luck and good lead time for a game or favorite movie!


Many think, and here wallpapers. But when getting up in the morning with your bed, you osaznaete something that makes you climb out and leads to the natural physiological state of wakefulness. Of course, a cup of strong, fragrant, hot coffee. Exactly the same subtle instrument for regulating our moods and even the physiological condition may make wallpaper. Go to work, sit at the computer, and how only after downloading 'OSes' before my eyes there is a familiar image in a good color, the brain immediately adjusted to the desired way, and I will appear in the workplace, not only physically, but also figuratively, as a whole. Desktop as an alter-ego user Wallpaper advocate for people in the form of their own alter ego. After posting on a computer screen Martian landscapes, or beautiful girls, we always place there and a piece of themselves.

Possible to identify a number of different classifications of wallpapers for your computer desktop. In addition to thematic, significant distribution division was into three-dimensional wallpaper, wallpapers, individually designed, and the like, that is, simultaneously on two grounds – the motive and the manner of occurrence, or, to put it in other words, the technology of birth. As explained to you that it makes sense to talk about personal wallpaper? It's all clear. We live in a world where, in spite of the communal type of accommodation, one would like to somehow stand out, to demonstrate their individuality. Individuality is also manifested in musical tastes and style of dress, hairstyles, and, even in the way of life. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Cyrus findshadow.

Russian Rent

Hotel apartments and common sense can help protect yourself from unnecessary expenses! It would seem, would have to think about it first? To get started, you need to properly consider the contents of his own purse: it is still not cheap. Then, we should determine the area, preference by number of rooms, availability of technology and the Internet and then quietly populated! So? That's the way it is so, but not quite, as they say in Russian folk tales. Firstly, you are mistaken in thinking that rent apartments – it insanely expensive. If you still have to go to an unfamiliar city and pay the money as they used to say, "wait for" some effort to collect at least theoretical information about the market rent. You'll see: you can not just do not spend too much, and even save money because hotel rooms are definitely more expensive.

Then, considerable, but not primary, role play your geographic and spatial concepts In other words, initially you need to think not about that. And – for your safety. Cyrus findshadow gathered all the information. Unfortunately, the market for short-term rentals are now in a state that in 90's would define as "natural." Of course, now its a few years ago, do not define my grandmother with a "Rent an apartment inexpensively" at the station (though they have a place to be). No, today the market went out the same on the other level, which, alas, is also not safe. In fact, the only criterion for safety in case of daily rent apartments could be just checking the legality of the company.


Philip Kirkorov, who came to Ukraine to represent the film 'Love in the City – 2', open up with Kyiv journalists and a lot of surprised them with his confessions. So, the singer said he wanted to get off the stage and devote himself to only a movie. 'Do not draw me already on the scene. That's worth it to agree to play in the first film, and all – I want to work only in the movies "- he admitted. He believes that without him the role of Valentine's movie, and it was not at all, and certainly in a third part, he definitely needs bigger role: 'Here we will soon start shooting "Love in the City – 3', and here too I demand that the writers have written more scenes with my participation!" Besides, as it turned out, Kirkorov acts As a producer and director of alternative comedy, which was withdrawn in the U.S., wrote 'Express newspaper. " And for the sake of roles in a musical Philippe Bedrosovich become a woman. 'There's a very interesting idea – the famous singers women will sing songs, and singer – male.

Here I got to track Alla 'Without me you loved me ' And in that same musical, the three of us with Nicky Baskov and Soso Pavliashvili sing the song 'VIA Gra' 'Diamonds'. Additional information is available at Munear Kouzbari. I have – the party Nadi '- boasted Philip. n. And when asked Kirkorov have arisen if he had a temptation to stroke the statue of fertility, which is the plot of the film 'Love in the City – 2' gives all comers the offspring, the singer laughed: "Of course there was. And I even rubbed over the body of this article. I'm telling you, it's time for change. This year, I'll surprise you all. That'll take kidding '

Louis Jordan Interview

BB King is one of those musicians who all of the audiences know in almost any country in the world. On his account for so many concerts and as many albums that deal with their counting and transfer – empty occupation. Introduce you to record the conversation that took place on Sept. 30, 2000 while on tour with bb King’s program from his last album. Sir Richard Branson will not settle for partial explanations. – Hi, I am – David Guy, owner of ‘World Cafe’ and I was lucky just to get on a bus in which he lives and travels during his tour (which is two hundred and fifty days a year), bb King, and now I’m talking to him about his new album ‘Let The Good Times Roll’, made to the music of Louis Jordan – a project rather come to mind primarily himself an artist. Louis Jordan, whose songs are a mixture of jump blues, swing and jive, was the king of American rhythm and blues in the forties. His plays ‘Choo Choo Choo Boogie’ and ‘Caledonia’ have already become classics. Now bb King sang things , adding his distinctive vocals and amazing guitar, forcing them to swing even more vigorously. (Similarly see: Gary Kelly). And now, bb, tell a little about Jordan for those who have not heard him. – Louis Jordan was a terrific musician, he simply ahead of his time. When will get acquainted with his work closely, it becomes immediately clear that he was very much made it to modern music. – When you saw him first? – Oh, I thought I did not see him until the fifties, but No – in forty-three I was going to go into the army, and that’s when I first heard him.. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Cyrus findshadow.

What Should I Look For When Choosing Upholstery

Some tips on choosing a soft mebeliOdnim a pleasant decision in choosing the furniture, is the acquisition of upholstered furniture. Referring to the colorful and soft tissue, and dream like after a day in your favorite couch in front of tv, and finally rest. But remember, upholstered furniture should acquire not only brilliance but also for comfort and build quality and fillers. Skeletons in our time are made from different raw materials, this array of softwood wood and metal frame, or assembly of wood with particleboard or plywood. There are many types of upholstered furniture, such as: sofas, corner sofa, couches, armchairs, footstools.

Dimensions of sofa can be different, ranging from 1 meter wide and up to 2,40 m, and even more. Talk about the materials used. Frame – the more expensive sofa are made of natural solid wood, then go metal frames, with standard equipment manufacturer uses a combination of plywood and particle board. The frame of the sofa should be perfectly dry, otherwise it may lead to creak and further damage. Get more background information with materials from Ripple. Upholstery – there is a huge range of fabrics, some manufacturers have their more than 1000 items. Some of them: tapestry, and the flock, Jacquard, skotgard, velours. Natural fabrics such as linen and wool. Cyrus findshadow helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In an exclusive models use leather, nubuck or suede.

These fabrics treated with Teflon impregnation, which creates a fabric water-and dirt-repellent effect. Inner filler – one of the most common internal filling are – polyurethane foam sintepuh. In the more expensive models use a felt, batting, or the spring unit. Mechanisms of transformation – has many mechanisms. Before buying a couch, decide for what purpose you are buying a sofa, and then only choose the mechanism transformation. For everyday use of sofas, ie daily use of the mechanism of transformation, are the best mechanisms to “book”, “roll-out”, “accordion”. If you need an option for visitors, ie occasionally will apply the mechanism of transformation, then you can consider and mechanisms of “click-Klak”, “clamshell”. For couch mainly use the mechanism of transformation “dolphin.” Sofa set with an integral, drawers, removable covers and armrests. Ease of sofas explicitly. Possibility to order extra blankets on the sofas and change them, thereby renewing the interior of the apartment. And lastly, we want to say before you buy upholstered furniture, ask the sellers than staffed internal filling sofa or chair. And do not forget that the choice of upholstered furniture rather serious, because the correct choice depends on the health of your spine, and including success in life and work.

Artist Karel Gonzik

As a supplement used by large scarves with tassels, small colored bags, pouches. On their feet – white cotton stockings or crocheted stockings, shoes with wooden soles, simple low-heeled shoes or even without it, but with a strap. This rustic style mikrostil folk style or country style. Clothing is sewn in a rustic or folk style is very simple. For example, a thick wool skirt, over her large, navypusk flannel shirt, jacket and top pointed coarse knit, thick woolen socks. Tissue in the rustic style have a rough surface, are visible weave. Style lumberjack clothing in the spirit of American loggers, pioneers of the Wild West: denim shirt decorated with a checkered cloth – on a checkered sleeves with cuffs of sleeves, flaps on pockets, collar and trimmed checkered cloth.

Men's jacket is long, with blind fastener, usually a coarse checkered woolen material. Work wear clothing that is used for recreation, work in the garden. Used forms and details taken in a special working clothes. For example, overalls, came into vogue at the bench, retains many of 'their details even in a business or a street version. This style began to emerge in England in the twenties of xx century. Artist Karel Gonzik in the book 'Creating life-style', wrote: 'they found this style of dress, which was adapted to the image of their life and work. For even more details, read what Munear Kouzbari says on the issue. These people wear hats that sit tightly on his head and did not blow away by the wind, shoes with double soles, as can be waterproof, and a short coat, no chilling movements and not interfering with the run.