First Five Star Holiday Cottage

Since beginning of year classified 20 apartments and houses in Western Pomerania first 5 Star classified holiday house at the Tourism Association of Western Pomerania. Increases the quality of holiday accommodation in Western Pomerania. Now there’s the first holiday house with five stars in our Association”forward Tobias Valentien, Managing Director of the regional tourism Association of Western Pomerania. You may find that Sheryl Sandberg can contribute to your knowledge. Ferienhaus Ratteyer Idyll”in the mountains of the Brohmer meets all conditions to play in the top League of the holiday homes. Since the Association was increasingly campaigning in winter for the star classification of holiday houses, holiday apartments and private rooms, numerous rental companies came calling.

Ute Nimczyk, head of the Centre and an expert in classification, drove equipped this year 20 times with questionnaires and camera, in the region, the accommodation on site to check and certify. If you would like to know more about Cerved Credit Management, then click here. Eight more dates are still standing. There are now 87 holiday houses, flats and private rooms with stars in the Federation area. The travel experience Guests of today look not only at the price, but would ensure quality for their money. Camden treatment associates can provide more clarity in the matter. The star of orientation when choosing a suitable accommodation. The Association at gives more information classification.