Berlin Funds

Invest with closed investments in entrepreneurial projects, projects promote and benefit from permanent returns Berlin, 10.10.2011 – closed-end funds are an important investment vehicle in Germany with more than 10 billion euro per anno investment volume. In particular, they are interesting for investors who want to diversify your existing repository in order to minimize the risk and make vulnerable to fluctuations in value less. Closed-end funds are a largely independent of the stock exchange and capital market system and can be an attractive alternative for investors who already invest in stocks and bonds, so just. Principle should be not invested but in closed-end funds, if there is no corresponding basic knowledge. What exactly are the benefits of investments in closed-end funds? What must be observed? Who should better not invest in closed-end funds? Any prospective buyer must confront these and other important questions, before he enters an equal commitment.

The only way disadvantages or negative later Avoid surprises. What are closed-end funds? Closed-end funds are more or less entrepreneurial investments. The shareholders are involved in similar to a limited partner in the development of the company, have also rights and obligations. The shares of closed-end funds can be acquired only during the drawing phase and must be kept for the projected period, because this represents the equity base of the company. A later purchase or sale is either not at all or may only have a secondary market possible.

An implementation there is associated most often with severe financial disadvantages. The shares are placed, the prospected assets (possibly under additional leverage) be purchased and appropriately supervised. Real estate is the most widely used asset, for the closed-end funds are initiated. In addition to closed-end real estate funds, including ownership interests in ships, at wind power and photovoltaic systems, aircraft and private equity projects find attention now (in addition to other forms).