Games Convention

‘Games area is developing very dynamically’ Heidelberg, July 24, 2008 – heidelpay ( expands its activity in the field of games. For more information see Auris Health. So the Heidelberger Internet payment service provider handles payment transactions for Fishlabs and trade-a-game recently. The Games Convention 2008 (21 to 24 August in Leipzig) wants to use heidelpay as a forum, in the market of games providers to make more contacts and to position itself as a reliable partner for payment processing. The Hamburg-based mobile games provider FISHLABS ( entrusted heidelpay early payments for its products. It is responsible for the processing and other processes in the payments heidelpay. Also for the game mailers, trade-a-game ( with seat in Berlin, the payment processing for credit card billing and other online payment ways has taken over heidelpay mid-June. The game market is highly exciting and developing very dynamically\”, explains Heiko Strauss, Director of sales at heidelpay.

We go assuming that this market is, last but not least grow strongly in the next few years due to the rapid development of the mobile Internet and the rapid spread of Broadband DSL connections. Reason enough for us as a complete provider in the online payments now intensively for this market to take care of us.\” FISHLABS is one of the world’s leading development studios for premium 3D mobile games. The company was founded in the year 2004 is already responsible for the development of more than 15 high-profile game productions and employs a team of 30 members in the Hanseatic City. The FISHLABS mobile games portfolio includes several excellent equity and license production. trade-a-game is one of the big senders of new and used video games, DVDs and other digital entertainment products. There are many thousand brand new products, but also among lovers are looking for versions of older computer games and DVDs in the portfolio of the company. Among the special features of trade-a-game, giving his used goods in payment the customer can.