To the time young and influenced by what it judged to be only one craft, it lived tormented for not recognizing itself when it did not have to its redor somebody that of this deserved credit to its clothes. The probability of the story if makes through the attempt to prove to the friends its theory of that the man has the least two souls. The tram if makes about a colloquy between friends on Metaphysical speeches. Defied for the friends to prove its thesis on the nature of the soul human being, Jacobina, capitalist, intelligent and sarcastic man, exemplifica it through an episode of its life, when, by return of its twenty and five years, 2 second lieutenant of the national guard was nominated. man, according to friends, prevented quarrels and, for times, if he explained through paradoxes.

It initiates its version of the facts. The youngster, poor person at the time, were the pride of the family and disaffection of some of the neighborhood for the fact of the titulao; he was for all alcunhado Mr. 2 second lieutenant. Its aunt Marcolina, also proud for the distinction of the nephew invited, it to pass some days in its small farm. The young lived to receive compliments from the inhabitants of the house. Certain day, Mrs. it presenteou with a great old mirror that inherits of the mother. From this point, history if goes deep through the uncommon one.

Soon after the aunt to receive notice from the disease of the son, charged the young man to take care of of the mansion while this travelled. During the night an escape of slaves happened. It was alone. It did not have people to feed its ego, its ' ' situation moral' '. The youngster felt itself insane per the day and he was only calmed with falling of the night, when sleep reigned: it was the moment of living the adventures and glories of its interior soul, the 2 second lieutenant.