Moscow Luxury Real Estate

Architecture of Moscow to date can not be matched to any common style, on the contrary, in most of its regions, dominated by an eclectic – 'cocktail' of different architectural trends. This is because capital Russia's history has repeatedly changing his own face, and fashionable buildings often do not fit into the already familiar architectural style of the area. Only the elite are not objects, for example, modern penthouses and apartments on Ostozhenka. Capital surely ranks among the leaders in real estate prices on the world market. Most of the price due to the fact that most of the capital buildings – monuments of history. Any area of Moscow in its own beautiful, and so determine an appropriate location for their next luxury home, you should consider each quality. Arbat.

This is an area with a rich cultural heritage. Wonderful availability of vehicles, a considerable number of administrative buildings, a large number of historical sites – the main advantage of it. Tourist lure here at home, where lived famous literary classics: A Tchaikovsky, Pushkin, Tolstoy and other respectable status master – that's what the apartment in the Arbat. Here you can find large fluctuations in prices, determined by the abundance of architectural district. Then there are 'stalinka' with huge ceilings, but not much good planning, and more modern buildings 70 years, and elite home club type of the last generation.

District Zamoskvorechye. The beginning of this exclusive area merchants have opened since the estate of Peter I. Distinctive features This central area is the availability of all types of transport infrastructure is broad and historically valuable buildings. This gives the region the status of 'elites'. At the moment there is rapid development of the territory, also has permission for the erection of houses on individual designs. It offers a choice of penthouses and flats now serving. Merchants Village past today and replaced the name turned into a district Ostozhenka. Wealthy nobles lived on this territory in the XVIII century. To date, there is built luxury buildings and structures – monuments of architecture of Moscow, who eagerly looking for their new hosts.