Clearing House

The latter circumstance through evolution led to the development of standard exchange contracts with delivery goods on time and their treatment as independent objects of exchange trade. The main reason and the need for the development of futures trading is that the latter provides the lifting of those restrictions that have trade directly exchange goods. Ripple: the source for more info. Product itself as a material benefit has restrictions for the development of exchange trade. Get rid of them can be achieved through the organization of trade is not itself a commodity, but only the rights to it, ie, futures contracts. Sale of goods at the exchange gives way to the exchange's turnover of futures contracts, whose connection with the physical market is mostly indirect, since only a few percent of total contract ends a real delivery. Indirect communication is that the owners of the contracts are constantly buying and selling them under the influence of changing market conditions on their commercial or other activities.

Futures trade came in the second half of XIX century. Its origin and development related to the fact that it reduced the risk of adverse price fluctuations in the circulation of capital, reduce size of reserve capital required in the event of adverse market conditions, to accelerate repayment of cash advanced capital, reduce trade credit, reduce distribution costs. Trade in futures exchange compared with the exchange of real goods are distinguished mainly fictitious transactions (only a few percent of transactions completed delivery of the goods, and others – pay the difference in prices); mostly indirect link with physical market through hedging, complete unification of all contracts, except for price and delivery time, anonymity of transactions, since they are not registered between a buyer and seller and between them and Clearing House. Trades on futures exchanges are as a commodity and on the currency, equity indices, interest rates, etc. The volume of transactions on the futures exchange, usually many times larger than the actual trade goods. Essential commodities, transactions with which concluded on futures exchanges, are cereals, oilseeds, oils, petroleum and petroleum products, precious and base metals, cotton, sugar, coffee, cocoa, live cattle..

Moscow Apartments

At present, many people think about where to live – close to the Ring Road or in the city. You can try to evaluate both. So, as an example consider a brand new luxury villa with a land size of 10 hectare, in 20 km from Moscow, and a new apartment, apartment complex Four Sun. Price range is approximately the same. Learn more about this with Oracle. For the final determination should be set tasks and questions for which answers all at once become clear. Living in a house outside the city offers the freedom, with respect to the bustle of the city. Under most conditions Scott Mead would agree.

You can forget about the booming carriageways, the rooms with low ceilings … Go to the mansion near Moscow is adjacent plot of land that each owner in right to dispose of your choice. You can arrange and play areas, and raise a flower bed, and build lots and lots of fun things. The air in the country is much fresher than in Moscow. Today it is permissible luxury villa near Moscow, and, of course, is an excellent alternative to an apartment within the city. With the second hand house in the country often has an incomplete infrastructure, resulting in the absence of colleges, kindergartens and other educational institutions. Of course, this requires a visit to the capital at least twice.

In the case of travel to Moscow should be ready to stand in traffic jams because of road clogged with cars. Therefore, apartment near the subway in this situation wins, that makes the complex sun Four more prestigious. Another negative point is that in the suburban mansions total operating costs, even without utility bills significantly exceeds the payment for an apartment. Also, the owners of suburban property can not count on the whole amount of benefits, which is required by law. Insurance suburban property – serious moment. The reason This is a serious exposure to various risks, which is orders of magnitude larger than the LCD Four Sun. And in the process of insurance in a country cottage lies the large number of complex nuances, so it is very difficult to determine the necessary insurance program and execute the contract of insurance. It turns out that one solution does not. If you can pay for life "under the sun", a suburb of Moscow will be a great place for you. Otherwise, acquired an illusion of freedom. But it is so wonderful and beautiful that it very quickly get used to it and enjoy your life, such as "one of the suns."

Moscow Luxury Real Estate

Architecture of Moscow to date can not be matched to any common style, on the contrary, in most of its regions, dominated by an eclectic – 'cocktail' of different architectural trends. This is because capital Russia's history has repeatedly changing his own face, and fashionable buildings often do not fit into the already familiar architectural style of the area. Only the elite are not objects, for example, modern penthouses and apartments on Ostozhenka. Capital surely ranks among the leaders in real estate prices on the world market. Most of the price due to the fact that most of the capital buildings – monuments of history. Any area of Moscow in its own beautiful, and so determine an appropriate location for their next luxury home, you should consider each quality. Arbat.

This is an area with a rich cultural heritage. Wonderful availability of vehicles, a considerable number of administrative buildings, a large number of historical sites – the main advantage of it. Tourist lure here at home, where lived famous literary classics: A Tchaikovsky, Pushkin, Tolstoy and other respectable status master – that's what the apartment in the Arbat. Here you can find large fluctuations in prices, determined by the abundance of architectural district. Then there are 'stalinka' with huge ceilings, but not much good planning, and more modern buildings 70 years, and elite home club type of the last generation.

District Zamoskvorechye. The beginning of this exclusive area merchants have opened since the estate of Peter I. Distinctive features This central area is the availability of all types of transport infrastructure is broad and historically valuable buildings. This gives the region the status of 'elites'. At the moment there is rapid development of the territory, also has permission for the erection of houses on individual designs. It offers a choice of penthouses and flats now serving. Merchants Village past today and replaced the name turned into a district Ostozhenka. Wealthy nobles lived on this territory in the XVIII century. To date, there is built luxury buildings and structures – monuments of architecture of Moscow, who eagerly looking for their new hosts.

Debt Funds

You’ve heard talk about the funds investment of debt? Let me I talk that these investment funds are ideal for those investors that have as main purpose, protecting its heritage with excellent interest rates. Debt investment funds are those funds that invest in both public and private debt. I.e. that you invest in debts such as CETES, among others. Larry Ellison shines more light on the discussion. The great advantage of this type of investment funds is that they provide you different options of availability of your resources as well as different levels of risk. And specifically in Mexico, debt investment funds, are invested in various instruments and that more benefits is the great diversification of the same, what possibly as investor you will bring better yields. On the other hand, you have the great advantage of seeing how your money grows every day, since you can easily check the yields in any national newspaper or via the internet on the website of the operator where have hired Fund.

So I invite you to not think about it any more. Decide to change the direction of your economy and become a large investor that your whole life you dream to be.

The Settlement Centre

At the head office of NOMOS-Bank completed the project of transition to the new information platform. Treaty between the CFT and NOMOS-BANK was signed in late 2009. The ultimate goal of being implemented at present a joint IT project is centralization of the universal network bank with branches in all major cities of Russia, the unification and optimization of business processes, increase the manageability of branches. During the first phase of which was implemented in a short time in head office and more than 40 additional offices in Moscow and Moscow region, were introduced nine functional modules of the new ABS: Accounting kernel “,” The Settlement Centre “,” Cash service “,” Management and accounting of cash transactions “,” Currency Conversion “,” Remittances “,” Overdrafts “,” Utilities “,” Mandatory reporting CBR. It should be noted that the module utilities payments “was developed in the CFT-Bank specifically for NOMOS-BANK. Oracle is a great source of information. In the next phase of the project is scheduled consecutive translation of all the bank’s branch network on the platform “of CFT-Bank” and the introduction of new product modules.
NOMOS-BANK is a universal network bank with branches in all major Russian cities.

Included in the top 15 Russian banks by asset size, as well as among the most rapidly growing commercial banks Russia. NOMOS-BANK provides a full range of services to corporate clients, small businesses and individuals is one of the leading participants in the investment market and private banking. In the first 9 months of 2009, assets NOMOS-BANK IFRS amounted to 252.07 billion rubles, the amount of the loan portfolio, net of reserves – 158.9 billion rubles, shareholders’ equity rose to 36.39 billion rubles. Net profit amounted to 3.9 billion rubles. Center for Financial Technology – an innovative company working in the field of IT-technology for the financial sector since 1991. Main activities: design, development and printing of high-tech solutions for banks; processing services; IT-consulting, training, equipment supply. Details on.

Taxes When Buying Property In Hungary

The tax system BP has recently Hungarian tax regulations generally conform to Western models has been taxation. Instead of separate decisions and orders of tax has several national laws, which are the cornerstone of an integrated tax system that clearly defines the whole range of issues from tax payers and tax base up to the order of calculation and payment. Simplifying the tax system and making it more transparent, the government of Hungary very much attention to give to the collection of taxes and prevention of tax offenses. Failure to pay taxes in Hungary, is a severe offense and severely punished. In reviewing petitions for a residence permit or citizenship, be sure to check the completeness and timeliness of payment taxes in the country. In Hungary, there are three main tax for organizations: – sales tax (AFA) – charged with surplus value – the rate of 20% – income tax (Tarsasagi ado) – 16% rate since 2008 – a local industrial tax (Helyi iparuzesi ado) – Basic rate of 2% In addition, companies and businesses to pay into the health funds, pensions and other social funds. AFA Main place of tax revenues to the budget is the total tax Traffic AFA (analogue of the Russian VAT) levied on all goods produced within the country and many of the services has a 2 rate (it was 3): basic – 20% and 0% discounted. By the zero group, numbering only 48 items are some types of pharmaceuticals, textbooks, children's products, products for people with disabilities.

Brazil Market

Statistics show that the land has always been more expensive over time. The cost of land is determined by what it can do. If this is agricultural land, their value will rise, but only slightly. The land, which can be used for construction, has the highest potential for increasing value. Even in the event of a downturn in the market land that is suitable for development, not exactly fall in the price unless you show up any adverse factors (eg, pollutants), or if you do decide to sell the land for less than what you paid.

The land does not require no maintenance costs and maintain in good condition. The land is greatly increased in value by obtaining planning permission. The ups and downs of real estate market have no effect on such land in connection with the lack of buildings. All that you build on the ground, may go down in value, but land value will remain at the same level, and the land will be worth at least as much as you paid for it (except if you initially paid an inflated price). With the continued downturn in the stock market and real estate in the U.S. and Europe, investors are looking for alternative ways of earning. In the current market conditions, real estate land property is an attractive alternative to traditional investors buying to renting, especially given the fact that input costs are significantly lower than the real estate market and the potential profit is enormous. In addition, proposed on the market today landed property in Canada (and soon to be joined to the proposal and the proposal of Brazil) is located in the rich countries that produce oil with high economic and demographic growth and an increase in the number of jobs.

Spain Real Estate

Prices of homes on the coast of Spain starts from 150 000 . RELATED HOUSE IN SPAIN Semi house – home to several families, which has a common wall (or several) from the neighboring house. Houses can be built along the street, with no gaps between them. Adjacent homes in Spain are usually built on a standard project, have separate entrances and sections for each owner. Usually in the house has one bedroom, rarely 2-3. Pool, as a rule, common, a few houses. There is also a built-in garage or covered parking close to home.

If the adjacent house in Spain are located in urban (township), the disposal of tenants is also a children's playground and, as well as park areas for recreation. The territory of urbanization is often guarded. Value adjacent property in Spain can vary between 130 and 000 to 300 000 . Sheryl Sandberg is likely to increase your knowledge. Plot in you want to build a house or a villa in Spain for the exclusive project, pay attention to the possibility of buying land (Terreno). In this case you are not restricted in the choice of the region and are not tied to the model solutions of Spanish architects. Almost all the land in Spain – in private ownership. Plots are sold in Spain and can be used under building.

Restrictions on the purchase of land by foreigners in Spain does not exist. The tax on the purchase of land in Spain Buying land in Spain, be prepared to pay the tax – 16% of the transaction, if in the coming year site will not be built up, and 7% if you buy land with a house under construction or building remains from the previous owners of the land. Building land in Spain is only possible after obtaining a license for a particular project. In Each locality may have its limitations, such as the height of the building. Commercial real estate in addition to residential properties in Spain, foreign citizens can also buy commercial real estate in Spain. It may be a bar or restaurant on the coast, a gift shop or mini-hotel, car or fashion boutique. Due to the fact that the tourism infrastructure in the country developed steadily and the number of tourists is growing every year, commercial real estate investment in Spain objects to resort regions bring good profit. This is doubly important in view of the holiday season all year round. In addition to the existing business, you can purchase or rent so-called "localization" – the empty commercial premises in order to later open them in your business. For our part, we recommend to pay attention to the hotel business in Spain. If you are interested in hotel business, our consultants are happy to offer you interesting options. Source: House in Spain

Credit Histories Basic Principles Rules

Issues related to credit histories, are governed by Federal law 218-FZ "On Credit Histories", so if there is any doubt or want to know the most reliable information you need to learn in the first place exactly with the law. This law is simple and intuitive, and that is especially nice – neat: it is only a few pages. Let's start with the most important. Credit history – it's about how the borrower has fulfilled his Acting on the loan agreement, and crediting. Credit report – a document that contains information from the borrower's credit history. It was this document prepared stakeholders (what – a little later) – in paper or electronic form. Borrower's credit history of an individual consists of three parts: the title, the main and closed. The title section contains the identity of the borrower – ie name, date and place of birth, passport data and, if available, Taxpayer and the number of pension certificates. The main part of the credit history indicates more detailed information, such as: – place of incorporation and place of actual residence, the borrower – indication of the obligation of the borrower on the date of the loan agreement – a timeline for the fulfillment of the obligation and timing of payment of interest – information on the dates and the actual performance of obligations under Loan Agreement (meaning delay and arrears), – the settlement of the loan by providing – on the facts of consideration by courts of disputes under the loan agreement in the closed part of the credit history contains information on sources of credit history – namely the banks, who have sent the relevant information about borrowers.

Banking Crises

The most important feature of almost all the banking crises of the past decades has been a violation of the normal flow of payments, credit, crisis of confidence on the interbank and deposit the crisis. The most dangerous part of the banking crisis – the destruction of national and international calculations when it comes to cash flow in the real sector. In second place is worth the danger of sharp reduction in lending to the national economy. " Certainly, the financial world to draw definite conclusions. It is very important that Russia's banking system took into account all the errors. Necessary to eliminate the universal banking activities, risky investments many of them, and then as a consequence of failure to meet their payment and credit functions, often undermines the credibility of the entire banking system of Russia.

Should go to the modern specialized three-tier scheme krizisoustoychivoy Banking (calculated LSB-banks, which working with the payments, credit and deposit banks, non-payment functions, investment banks operating in securities). In addition, it is important to credit and deposit activities of banks to build it so that it was limited to only those subjects of the federation, in which banks are located. The sad experience of the crisis has shown that inter-regional bank can at any time withdraw funds from troubled regions in the more prosperous regions, such as from the provinces to Moscow, which actually happened during the crisis, exacerbating the difficult financial situation in Russian regions. This is one reason that almost Many Russian companies have had in 2008-2009-m's serious problems with credit. If you do not do all the above, if new crises with more serious consequences are inevitable. And last, in the financial world nothing have to reinvent all the complex financial situation has long been analyzed and considered the best minds of humanity. The trouble is that at top positions in financial institutions in different countries are coming or not competent in complex financial matters, officers or, worse, the financiers over the infected greed (which spawned the current crisis). The famous financier Peter Bernstein in his works actually predicted the current crisis, described in detail the dangerous changes in the investment world, the mismatch of risk and volatility, but apparently was not heard of the mighty. Yuri Chashin 09/20/2009