The suitcase is assembled, tickets in hand, traveling certificate in his pocket … Where to stay in a strange city, so it is comfortable, convenient, not in the suburbs, and thus meet the limit for now opredelennnoe Accommodation? It's no secret that the crisis most companies have cut travel expenses. Went under the knife representational costs, reduced the limit on the cost of hotel accommodation, reduced by the amount of travel. In most cases no longer pay for hotel rooms in the hotels. As a result, finding a decent hotel and meet with a limit has been nearly impossible.

In order not to pay extra for a trip out of pocket, you can use another option. Larry Ellison spoke with conviction. Apartments for rent was a good alternative to hotels. Advantages of daily rent apartments are obvious. First, the rent is much cheaper hotel room. Luxury flats are 5-7 times cheaper than the suites in hotels.

And the number of facilities in apartments, hotel rooms are inferior. Second, the price does not depend on the number of residents. If you come three You can live in two room apartment, while you do not pay for each bed-space as a hotel, and pay only for the apartment. In addition, there is no need to pay extra for guests. Third, in an apartment, you have the opportunity to cook himself, and thus save on coffee shops and bars. In addition, many of us eat in the catering is not only bad for the wallet, but also for our health. Fourth, most of the apartments located in the center the city than can boast only a very expensive apartments. You will live close to jobs, cultural attractions. Fifth, the booking of apartments free. You will not be faced with a dilemma – book or not (as reservation does not apply to business travel expenses), and do not worry about the night at the station. Booking serviced apartments – for free. Apartments for rent in Syktyvkar and in any other city in Russia is gaining in popularity. In the idea about most, apartments for rent is somewhat informal. However, firms providing such services will provide you with all the supporting documents that you can attach to an advance report on a business trip. Everyone who often goes on business trips, smelling of tobacco familiar numbers, constant requests for a broken electric … And in an apartment you feel like home, there is everything: appliances, kitchen, TV and DVD, all that work effectively and have a good rest, even away from home. Hotels have long ceased to be the only option for placement in foreign city. A good alternative to them has become apartments for rent. For less money you will receive a greater level of comfort. That's why so many people prefer hotels – apartments for rent.

Mezhuyev Tanah Lot

Nice view from the window, a sense of harmony, tranquility and beauty – that's for chasing than Western people. Prices for seats next to the beach and downtown areas or more remote locations, but with stunning views – the most high. (Similarly see: Gary Kelly). House or a villa, built in such places, it is easy to rent at the best price, if you intend to use your home in Bali, only during holidays or vacations. The most popular place is the scenic spots near Jimbaran and Bukit (hill between Nusa Dua, Ulu Vata and ), a neighborhood of Batubelinga to Tanah Lot and the western coast of Bali, near Ubud and lakes near Bedugula Bro. These lands are the most promising for building and look extremely attractive to developers because their value tends to stable growth. In the long run territory Tanah Lot and Negara, and coastal areas in the north-east Bali, must also show a steady rise in prices and will interest potential buyers. A few tips to homeowners People who already have experience in property development in Bali, saying that the realities Balinese are very different from the construction of buildings in Europe.

In fact, if you build it yourself, you will not be able to leave the island, as your building immediately turn around for you to risk disaster. You will have to live in a hotel or guesthouse, and all the time to monitor their construction. Workers work very slowly and carelessly, tend to stretch the construction of the most long-term to longer receive salary. Almost impossible to get them to work on weekends or on days when rain. If in 20 builders finished cement, none of them would ever think to tell you about it. This Balinese style of living.

You need to be prepared for the fact that things do not go the way you expect. Not so fast, not so sparingly, not quality. However, there are several cases where white people could build a decent house for decent money. On the timing of default. Most be reasonable to ask for help in building the company, popular with expats living in Bali. As a rule, they are working white professionals and own them, or the Australians or Europeans. You will not be a headache for a number of technical and legal issues. Good luck!

Moscow Apartments

At present, many people think about where to live – close to the Ring Road or in the city. You can try to evaluate both. So, as an example consider a brand new luxury villa with a land size of 10 hectare, in 20 km from Moscow, and a new apartment, apartment complex Four Sun. Price range is approximately the same. Learn more about this with Oracle. For the final determination should be set tasks and questions for which answers all at once become clear. Living in a house outside the city offers the freedom, with respect to the bustle of the city.

You can forget about the booming carriageways, the rooms with low ceilings … Go to the mansion near Moscow is adjacent plot of land that each owner in right to dispose of your choice. You can arrange and play areas, and raise a flower bed, and build lots and lots of fun things. The air in the country is much fresher than in Moscow. Today it is permissible luxury villa near Moscow, and, of course, is an excellent alternative to an apartment within the city. With the second hand house in the country often has an incomplete infrastructure, resulting in the absence of colleges, kindergartens and other educational institutions. Of course, this requires a visit to the capital at least twice.

In the case of travel to Moscow should be ready to stand in traffic jams because of road clogged with cars. Therefore, apartment near the subway in this situation wins, that makes the complex sun Four more prestigious. Another negative point is that in the suburban mansions total operating costs, even without utility bills significantly exceeds the payment for an apartment. Also, the owners of suburban property can not count on the whole amount of benefits, which is required by law. Insurance suburban property – serious moment. The reason This is a serious exposure to various risks, which is orders of magnitude larger than the LCD Four Sun. And in the process of insurance in a country cottage lies the large number of complex nuances, so it is very difficult to determine the necessary insurance program and execute the contract of insurance. It turns out that one solution does not. If you can pay for life "under the sun", a suburb of Moscow will be a great place for you. Otherwise, acquired an illusion of freedom. But it is so wonderful and beautiful that it very quickly get used to it and enjoy your life, such as "one of the suns."

Moscow Luxury Real Estate

Architecture of Moscow to date can not be matched to any common style, on the contrary, in most of its regions, dominated by an eclectic – 'cocktail' of different architectural trends. This is because capital Russia's history has repeatedly changing his own face, and fashionable buildings often do not fit into the already familiar architectural style of the area. Only the elite are not objects, for example, modern penthouses and apartments on Ostozhenka. Capital surely ranks among the leaders in real estate prices on the world market. Most of the price due to the fact that most of the capital buildings – monuments of history. Any area of Moscow in its own beautiful, and so determine an appropriate location for their next luxury home, you should consider each quality. Arbat.

This is an area with a rich cultural heritage. Wonderful availability of vehicles, a considerable number of administrative buildings, a large number of historical sites – the main advantage of it. Tourist lure here at home, where lived famous literary classics: A Tchaikovsky, Pushkin, Tolstoy and other respectable status master – that's what the apartment in the Arbat. Here you can find large fluctuations in prices, determined by the abundance of architectural district. Then there are 'stalinka' with huge ceilings, but not much good planning, and more modern buildings 70 years, and elite home club type of the last generation.

District Zamoskvorechye. The beginning of this exclusive area merchants have opened since the estate of Peter I. Distinctive features This central area is the availability of all types of transport infrastructure is broad and historically valuable buildings. This gives the region the status of 'elites'. At the moment there is rapid development of the territory, also has permission for the erection of houses on individual designs. It offers a choice of penthouses and flats now serving. Merchants Village past today and replaced the name turned into a district Ostozhenka. Wealthy nobles lived on this territory in the XVIII century. To date, there is built luxury buildings and structures – monuments of architecture of Moscow, who eagerly looking for their new hosts.

Taxes When Buying Property In Hungary

The tax system BP has recently Hungarian tax regulations generally conform to Western models has been taxation. Instead of separate decisions and orders of tax has several national laws, which are the cornerstone of an integrated tax system that clearly defines the whole range of issues from tax payers and tax base up to the order of calculation and payment. Simplifying the tax system and making it more transparent, the government of Hungary very much attention to give to the collection of taxes and prevention of tax offenses. Failure to pay taxes in Hungary, is a severe offense and severely punished. In reviewing petitions for a residence permit or citizenship, be sure to check the completeness and timeliness of payment taxes in the country. In Hungary, there are three main tax for organizations: – sales tax (AFA) – charged with surplus value – the rate of 20% – income tax (Tarsasagi ado) – 16% rate since 2008 – a local industrial tax (Helyi iparuzesi ado) – Basic rate of 2% In addition, companies and businesses to pay into the health funds, pensions and other social funds. AFA Main place of tax revenues to the budget is the total tax Traffic AFA (analogue of the Russian VAT) levied on all goods produced within the country and many of the services has a 2 rate (it was 3): basic – 20% and 0% discounted. By the zero group, numbering only 48 items are some types of pharmaceuticals, textbooks, children's products, products for people with disabilities.

Brazil Market

Statistics show that the land has always been more expensive over time. The cost of land is determined by what it can do. If this is agricultural land, their value will rise, but only slightly. The land, which can be used for construction, has the highest potential for increasing value. Even in the event of a downturn in the market land that is suitable for development, not exactly fall in the price unless you show up any adverse factors (eg, pollutants), or if you do decide to sell the land for less than what you paid.

The land does not require no maintenance costs and maintain in good condition. The land is greatly increased in value by obtaining planning permission. The ups and downs of real estate market have no effect on such land in connection with the lack of buildings. All that you build on the ground, may go down in value, but land value will remain at the same level, and the land will be worth at least as much as you paid for it (except if you initially paid an inflated price). With the continued downturn in the stock market and real estate in the U.S. and Europe, investors are looking for alternative ways of earning. In the current market conditions, real estate land property is an attractive alternative to traditional investors buying to renting, especially given the fact that input costs are significantly lower than the real estate market and the potential profit is enormous. In addition, proposed on the market today landed property in Canada (and soon to be joined to the proposal and the proposal of Brazil) is located in the rich countries that produce oil with high economic and demographic growth and an increase in the number of jobs.

Investment In Overseas Property

Currently, demand is extremely range of agency services for selection, acquisition and registration of the ownership of residential and commercial properties in the most popular European countries (Spain, Real Estate, Italy, Czech Republic, Cyprus), in accordance with the applicable laws of those states. Qualified consultations, opening bank accounts, assistance in obtaining mortgages. Investments in real estate – one of the most reliable and efficient ways to preserve and increase assets. Whatever happens in the financial and commodity markets, people always need to be somewhere to live, work or go to school, walk to shops, pharmacies, coffee shops. So, Real estate is always in demand. However, its price and liquidity will depend on many factors.

Including on such as economic and political stability of the country where this is located real estate, inflation rates and quality of life in this country, the level of infrastructure development, security, ownership legislation. From this perspective, the purchase of residential or commercial real estate abroad, For example, in Europe, it is beneficial and far-sighted investment. In addition, the acquisition of housing, office or retail space abroad helps to solve another important problem – the diversification of capital distributions funds across different regions and sectors. In other words, the investor "lays eggs in different baskets", thereby reducing their risks in case of crisis situations in a given market. In fact, it is a safe and almost always profitable insurance funds: invest in real estate Czech Republic, Cyprus, Spain or Italy the money in the long term is protected from devaluation. All this has long understood the residents of these developed and stable countries, like Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, which for decades have invested in business and real estate, not only within their own countries, but also abroad. When They are increasingly investing in housing and commercial facilities of the neighboring countries: Italy Property, Spain, Cyprus, Czech Republic. However, real estate agencies capture the growing interest in overseas property and from Russians, who in the global crisis are looking for options literate invest their funds.

The fact that even before the crisis, housing prices in Europe were lower than in most Russian cities, but now they have become less and this increases the investment attractiveness of European real estate. Financial crisis has spurred many investors: they are in a hurry to take a temporary decline in property prices, to subsequently obtain tangible dividends. European real estate market experts predict its stabilization in the horizon of several months and, subsequently, a new rise in prices. It will be due to the fact that due to crisis "portfolio" of proposals Realtors will be reduced and for the construction of new facilities will take years and free site, which now is not always enough.