The Case

The difference between narration and narrative structures are still being developed and even to be thought. The narrative is what happened, while the narrative is considered a literary aspect of the order that should follow the events as a process of all history. It is not a pure record, as to capture the interest of all involved, you need a certain order, like especially in its setting up. As such a choice of representation is not the only one in existence. Looking for objectivity, science itself can be found studying history in his life and not as a narrative.

A list of events that occurred with dates, names and aspects hundred percent targets, making it a routine and devoid of romance in the case of reading to be given. Depends on what you pretend to find it where we can find the facts, but it also reduces your margin goal of understanding and social participation in the daily lives of people, preventing everyone involved and to share the message, leaving only for a fortunate few. Although its nature is universal, narrative and storytelling will be differentiated according to their place of origin and the person who has been involved and influenced by them. That is, are understandable but not identifiable to everyone. The most important aspect here is we learn to discern what is and what we need to understand only part of the structure planned because it had to be and why have one sole purpose for us. As a means of power, it is difficult to use the possibilities it gives the receiver of interpretation and consistency should be very reviewed before they can pass the message since it may end up in the end very different from those initially planned. Like any human, simply is formed by perceptions and distinctions of identity, emerging from the scientific to be used according to who has the literary structure with one purpose in mind, it also risks facing once they encounter the recipient of a message.