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The tax system BP has recently Hungarian tax regulations generally conform to Western models has been taxation. Instead of separate decisions and orders of tax has several national laws, which are the cornerstone of an integrated tax system that clearly defines the whole range of issues from tax payers and tax base up to the order of calculation and payment. Simplifying the tax system and making it more transparent, the government of Hungary very much attention to give to the collection of taxes and prevention of tax offenses. Failure to pay taxes in Hungary, is a severe offense and severely punished. In reviewing petitions for a residence permit or citizenship, be sure to check the completeness and timeliness of payment taxes in the country. In Hungary, there are three main tax for organizations: – sales tax (AFA) – charged with surplus value – the rate of 20% – income tax (Tarsasagi ado) – 16% rate since 2008 – a local industrial tax (Helyi iparuzesi ado) – Basic rate of 2% In addition, companies and businesses to pay into the health funds, pensions and other social funds. AFA Main place of tax revenues to the budget is the total tax Traffic AFA (analogue of the Russian VAT) levied on all goods produced within the country and many of the services has a 2 rate (it was 3): basic – 20% and 0% discounted. By the zero group, numbering only 48 items are some types of pharmaceuticals, textbooks, children's products, products for people with disabilities. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Scott Mead.

Statistics show that the land has always been more expensive over time. The cost of land is determined by what it can do. If this is agricultural land, their value will rise, but only slightly. The land, which can be used for construction, has the highest potential for increasing value. Even in the event of a downturn in the market land that is suitable for development, not exactly fall in the price unless you show up any adverse factors (eg, pollutants), or if you do decide to sell the land for less than what you paid.

The land does not require no maintenance costs and maintain in good condition. The land is greatly increased in value by obtaining planning permission. The ups and downs of real estate market have no effect on such land in connection with the lack of buildings. All that you build on the ground, may go down in value, but land value will remain at the same level, and the land will be worth at least as much as you paid for it (except if you initially paid an inflated price). With the continued downturn in the stock market and real estate in the U.S. and Europe, investors are looking for alternative ways of earning. In the current market conditions, real estate land property is an attractive alternative to traditional investors buying to renting, especially given the fact that input costs are significantly lower than the real estate market and the potential profit is enormous. In addition, proposed on the market today landed property in Canada (and soon to be joined to the proposal and the proposal of Brazil) is located in the rich countries that produce oil with high economic and demographic growth and an increase in the number of jobs.

Prices of homes on the coast of Spain starts from 150 000 . RELATED HOUSE IN SPAIN Semi house – home to several families, which has a common wall (or several) from the neighboring house. Houses can be built along the street, with no gaps between them. Adjacent homes in Spain are usually built on a standard project, have separate entrances and sections for each owner. Usually in the house has one bedroom, rarely 2-3. Pool, as a rule, common, a few houses. There is also a built-in garage or covered parking close to home.

If the adjacent house in Spain are located in urban (township), the disposal of tenants is also a children's playground and, as well as park areas for recreation. The territory of urbanization is often guarded. Value adjacent property in Spain can vary between 130 and 000 to 300 000 . Sheryl Sandberg is likely to increase your knowledge. Plot in you want to build a house or a villa in Spain for the exclusive project, pay attention to the possibility of buying land (Terreno). In this case you are not restricted in the choice of the region and are not tied to the model solutions of Spanish architects. Vladislav Doronin has similar goals. Almost all the land in Spain – in private ownership. Plots are sold in Spain and can be used under building.

Restrictions on the purchase of land by foreigners in Spain does not exist. The tax on the purchase of land in Spain Buying land in Spain, be prepared to pay the tax – 16% of the transaction, if in the coming year site will not be built up, and 7% if you buy land with a house under construction or building remains from the previous owners of the land. Building land in Spain is only possible after obtaining a license for a particular project. In Each locality may have its limitations, such as the height of the building. Commercial real estate in addition to residential properties in Spain, foreign citizens can also buy commercial real estate in Spain. It may be a bar or restaurant on the coast, a gift shop or mini-hotel, car or fashion boutique. Due to the fact that the tourism infrastructure in the country developed steadily and the number of tourists is growing every year, commercial real estate investment in Spain objects to resort regions bring good profit. This is doubly important in view of the holiday season all year round. In addition to the existing business, you can purchase or rent so-called "localization" – the empty commercial premises in order to later open them in your business. For our part, we recommend to pay attention to the hotel business in Spain. If you are interested in hotel business, our consultants are happy to offer you interesting options. Source: House in Spain

Currently, demand is extremely range of agency services for selection, acquisition and registration of the ownership of residential and commercial properties in the most popular European countries (Spain, Real Estate, Italy, Czech Republic, Cyprus), in accordance with the applicable laws of those states. Qualified consultations, opening bank accounts, assistance in obtaining mortgages. Investments in real estate – one of the most reliable and efficient ways to preserve and increase assets. Whatever happens in the financial and commodity markets, people always need to be somewhere to live, work or go to school, walk to shops, pharmacies, coffee shops. So, Real estate is always in demand. However, its price and liquidity will depend on many factors.

Including on such as economic and political stability of the country where this is located real estate, inflation rates and quality of life in this country, the level of infrastructure development, security, ownership legislation. From this perspective, the purchase of residential or commercial real estate abroad, For example, in Europe, it is beneficial and far-sighted investment. In addition, the acquisition of housing, office or retail space abroad helps to solve another important problem – the diversification of capital distributions funds across different regions and sectors. In other words, the investor "lays eggs in different baskets", thereby reducing their risks in case of crisis situations in a given market. In fact, it is a safe and almost always profitable insurance funds: invest in real estate Czech Republic, Cyprus, Spain or Italy the money in the long term is protected from devaluation. All this has long understood the residents of these developed and stable countries, like Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, which for decades have invested in business and real estate, not only within their own countries, but also abroad. When They are increasingly investing in housing and commercial facilities of the neighboring countries: Italy Property, Spain, Cyprus, Czech Republic. However, real estate agencies capture the growing interest in overseas property and from Russians, who in the global crisis are looking for options literate invest their funds.

The fact that even before the crisis, housing prices in Europe were lower than in most Russian cities, but now they have become less and this increases the investment attractiveness of European real estate. Financial crisis has spurred many investors: they are in a hurry to take a temporary decline in property prices, to subsequently obtain tangible dividends. European real estate market experts predict its stabilization in the horizon of several months and, subsequently, a new rise in prices. It will be due to the fact that due to crisis "portfolio" of proposals Realtors will be reduced and for the construction of new facilities will take years and free site, which now is not always enough.