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Involved accounts: 1.-for the withholding of income supported and carried out: account debtor: Ret. INCOME by creditor CompensarCuenta: Ret. INCOME by find 2.-for (CF) tax credits and debits tax (DF) of IVA:cuenta debtor: VAT credits FiscalesCuenta creditor: VAT debits tax 3.-for supported and carried out VAT deductions: account debtor: Ret. CompensarCuenta creditor IVA: Ret. (learn about example company x:consideracion previous IVA: 1) for the purposes of this example are considered to both company X and Q special contributors and therefore VAT withholding agents. (2) In both cases the companies comply with turnover formalities provided for by law, accordingly retain 75% of invoiced VAT. (3) The titles used for the accounts are merely referential. (4) The majority of the administrative software at the domestic market, have modules and tools that allow the generation of major reports required for an efficient control of the fiscal operations, if your software not the contemplated or your company uses only an accounting software, you should handle the fiscal accounts with the necessary auxiliary.

(5) The letters in red at the beginning of each seat correspond to the cross-references with the analytical largest graph. Company X hires transport service by Bs. 10,000 company. seats: hiring: Fletes 10.000,00 VAT credits prosecutors 1.200,00 accounts pay company and 11,200, 00Al moment of the pago:bCuentas x x pay Company Y 11.200,00 Ret. INCOME by learn 300.00 * Ret. VAT per Find 900.00 10,000.00 Bank at the time of hearing: cRet. INCOME by learn 300,00 Bank 300, 00dRet. Find IVA 900.00 Bank 900,00 now well, to clearly see all the movement of accounts sign-up a sale: Company X pays equipment maintenance service company QAl time billing: eCuentas x charge company Q.

22.400,00 VAT tax debits 2.400,00 sale services 20,000.00 Upon cobro:fBanco 20.200,00 Ret. INCOME by compensating 400,00 * Ret. VAT by compensate 1,800.00 accounts receivable company Q 22.400,00 seat VAT statement monthly x: gIVA debits tax 2.400,00 Ret. Compensate for VAT 1.800,00 VAT credits prosecutors 600.00 * notes * considered that the freight service is provided by a legal person Domiciliada, accordance with the retention is 3%. equal consideration but the aliquot is 2%, it refers to other unspecified services, contractors and subcontractors. The withholding of income supported are not compensated but at the end of the exercise with the definitive statement of income tax. ** The supported VAT withholding effect, many companies cannot compensate for their tax credits, in this example the only company could compensate Bs. 600 of the 1,200 remaining balance of 600 to be compensated as surpluses of tax credits for months prior, in future statements, however in some companies this pattern repeats monthly generating a pot that accumulates and moved from exercise in exercise, for this reason if the amounts are significant, companies opt to assign or sell the excess credits.

Another of the goals will be transparency in corporate governance, so that the painful situation in which real values or losses have been hidden will not be repeated, thus generating serious disorder that now live. adds that the final document also put the accent on willingness to fight corruption and international crime networks promoting the integrity of the markets and transparent financial systems. In relation to health decided to work on the reduction of diseases like the flu avian and AIDS, as well as promoting food quality standards. For APEC, the international terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction () are a direct threat, therefore undertook to combat and eradicate these evils. In terms of climate change, APEC believes that this problem should be treated comprehensively through international cooperation and in the framework of the United Nations. President Alan Garcia handed over the chairmanship of APEC to the Lee Hsien-Loong singapures, whose small city-state, which boasts a strong economy, will host the 2009 Summit. Ultimately, leaders pledged to overcome the global financial crisis with measures to strengthen financial institutions. We will avoid the recession that threatens the world encouraging each of us fiscal spending in a countercyclical manner on infrastructure, on social assistance and the support of the population basic services noted Alan Garcia..

The 10 commandments of prospecting for your business multilevel commandment # 1: do not pretend that everyone is linked to your organization this is one of the big mistakes that often we make when we are commencing our business, what’s more, even though we have spent time with the same, this business is not for everyone, no te vuelvas addicted to affiliations, you earn with affiliate hundreds of partners with your organization, if you will not be able to be effective in the process of commandment # 2: not plead No supliques, not show despair, this is the first symptom of failure in your MLM business, this gives the idea that the business you are proposing is bad, not good, you must be 100% sure of your business in this way commandment # 3: A does not imply a Yes this is one of the key factors to make of all these people who tell us no, a potential group of VIPs within our Organization, because a time that we managed to understand the because say us no commandment # 4: Learn how to listen to your potential partner must give respect and all the attention that your potential partner deserves, this depends on the success or failure in your presentation of the business and commandment

harpens your sense of curiosity you should sharpen, deepen and refine your sense of curiosity and turn it into a strategy of professional conviction in order to be on the side of your potential partneris for this reason that commandment # 6: can not see the problem, sees the solution why should focus on problems, when in the development of the same conversation, they can be a great strategic ally to have our leaflets on our side?, problems, are not more than Commandment # 7: I know practical and view from the simple to the complex of this factor depends on your future partners to clearly understand your business content, how they developed it, will be definitive for commandment # 8: presents your business with passion people do do they detect immediately when these convinced and prepared for what you are doing and when no, by very good to be your company and your product, and very juicy to be commandment # 9 compensation plan: closes the business before you say yes are you waiting for to close the deal before the end of your presentation?, what mechanism these using to awaken the desire to join your proposal immediately in your potential partner? commandment # 10: Doubles you effectiveness of exploration if we can not duplicate our effectiveness in the process of prospecting, we lost it, we must use all the potential that unfolds in our effective presentation a greeting, Eloy Romero President of did you know that you can generate thousands of dollars from home with your own MLM business?

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