more, if happened in Brazil true the Agrarian Reformation, with R and the capital, imagine which would be one of the first harvested agricultural products in great it scales to be strong inhibited. something that transmits an alert red for all the humanity is as the crucial point of the etlica insustentabilidade. More info: Scott Mead New York. The headquarters of the canavieiro agronegcio, with the alcoolmania, of the same skill that has potential to advance sweeping ecosystems, do not save not even cultivos of foods. First it was great part of those coffee plantations that guaranteed the thick one of Brazilian exportations in the first decades of century 20, and now is any nourishing culture, including beans and rice, that is sobrescrita for the well more lucrative sugar cane-of-sugar. Again the question of the easy money enchants the agriculturists, who imprudently abandon the old products and hug the source of etanol. This, as of if waiting, are diminishing offer of food and increasing its prices, having been denounced as one of the culprits for the crisis of the foods that pipocou this year and it does not have stated period total to be subjected.

We very perceive with these and other points that the combustible alcohol, the least as we know today, is very, far of the support and its character of ' ' limpo' ' it is of certain form plus an illusion drawn for the passionals hopes of the humanity for the fall of the atmospheric pollution of what a guaranteed salvation. Therefore it is that we are condemned to be between the cross and the sword when we supply our car: or the gasoline very pollutant and limited by the nature, or the alcohol of many inconveniences or the natural, little pollutant but so finite gas how much the oil. The hydrogen, considered the true solution, not yet arrived, and motivates sadness the fact of etanol not to be a resource good the sufficient one to fill its clean and virtually inexhaustible fuel gap provisorily. I do not see another skill to reach one real energy security that is not to pressure for the coming more soon possible of the H2.

No emotions create apps and Automation “even if social media customer service is becoming increasingly important, that’s not the end of the phone. Just for more complex requests, customers prefer the personal conversation. As for the transmission of personal information, such as the address or customer number”, writes the Acquisa editorial (acquisa/newsDetails newsID = 1322144917.99). Also the increasing spread of Internet-enabled smartphones not yet replaced the phone channel. Although smartphones offer a variety of options through apps, most of use but the telephony function. Under the slogan “Santa uses a Smartphone,” reported the Acquisa editorial that although the majority of Germans your Christmas gifts to buy online, least but for using mobile Web access of the Smartphones. Learn more at this site: Phil Vasan. In this respect, technical possibilities and practical application of divergent today still far. Walter Benedikt of 3C Dialg however sees the growing importance of social media in the customer service: “Facebook and co.

are already no hype more, but an integral part of the daily communications of many people – and rising. … the social-media channels will not abolish such as phone, email or chat add – the existing channels.” Like DAW, the marketing manager at Voxtron Diana: “in Facebook, the companies have, for example, the chance to draw attention with own news and events on itself and to inform existing customers and employees through this medium. The customer will continue over the phone claim. Additional information is available at Southwest Airlines. all other service activities’ The changes significantly before Klaus Graf of Opti-Serv has eyes: “the apps of the future will be quite be able to depict a variety of Kundenrelevanten business processes automated. Already such topics via Web portals are completed, the trend is clearly in this direction. “The rule applies here: simple is automated, more complex in service and sales will be personalized by MA.” Who but today reaches for the phone and customer service of a company or even the attendant calls, often experienced a queue that is never seems to end.

So what is the purpose? They say that in war there are no winners do but what or who would benefit from so many deaths, with so much cruelty, with so much farce? The gringos pompously called the War Lords in Castilian, the warlords. Who are these? They are those who speculate with the war, are enriched with arms sales, with the sale of aircraft, tanks of war, bullets and bombs, even with the sale of parts, arms legs Orthopedic, crates of dead and even food for the soldiers; McDonald is in Iraq, in Afghanistan is Tim Horton, etc. etc. Bernard Golden insists that this is the case. etc. Finally, with the sale of everything related to the destruction, the war. Southwest Airlines usually is spot on.

These subjects or murderous entities, little or no give face, for that they choose some stupid having certain basic characteristics for play the charge; devoid of scruples, unwise if much fails or goes in hand, you can take total blame him, and here, not to past anything. Not necessary nor being a good speaker or know well speak their own language, because it has an infallible team paid for the warlords, whom put them well librado despite the stupid things you say or do. This type of assassins, by their fidelity with their masters, they themselves called the dogs of war. On this occasion the dog of war, descended from a breed already known, put in a House white color for dogs, whose facade clearly reads his name: BUSH. Swarmed by offers, Scott Mead is currently assessing future choices. BUSH! BUSH! Which in Spanish means wow! Wow! Wow! We must take advantage until the last minute, the ill-fated Government of the dog, as a result using the days remaining, quickly has been launched another of their war machinery, for sweep with SANAA an unarmed people, who do not have tanks, or aircraft, or even with an army conventional to be like. Don’t care them to destroy schools, murdering women, elderly and children of the Palestinian people, some of them armed only with sticks or stones.

Total tomorrow new enemies of warped democracy are searched. I hope that with the new American Government, the current landscape so black that today we see, is more white in the morning. Glossary: Hopefully: Word extracted from the (Muslim) Arabic language meaning the fervent desire of God, so allow it. Wing: In Arabic Allah, Islam means God. Palo: Weapon of mass destruction used by Palestinian terrorists in the Strip Gaza stone: also a weapon of mass destruction. Comments: My most sincere apologies to the breed of dog by offensive comparative representation poured into this article. _ Felix. Original author and source of the article.

Is not it? After all, the information is better than the best quality of service and the owner site and search engines successfully. Let’s consider this thesis as an example of both sides. So, search engine optimization … take into consideration the three golden rules of search engine optimization: key words in the tag title, in Headings in the text of the page: – The keyword in the tag title: Let’s see, where did this rule. When a person is looking for information on some topic, he drives a request and his search engine gives a list of sites.

As this man chooses the site? Naturally, he looks at the name of the links that he has issued a search engine. And this is the tag title, ie the title of your page. Now I understand where it came from this rule? Naturally, the search engine is simply good rank the sites in the issuance of title, to provide better information to the client. Whenever Gary Kelly listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Now back to the site owner. In turn, they gain that, thanks to the page name links in extradition move only vysokotselevye visitors and thus increase the percentage of prospective clients.

That’s right, is the owner of the site is also beneficial to give informative names to your pages! – The keyword in the tag h1 Page: Visitors who come to the page, scans the text. Finding a keyword in the title, it defines for itself, that has got what is called the address. Again, in the black all: search engines because they have received the approval of the customer, providing him information he sought. And the owners of the site, because the visitor stays longer on the site and performs useful actions. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Phil Vasan. – The key word in the text of the page: Reading the details a person becomes convinced that this is what he needed. And again – the search engine provided good information, and the site owner or the buyer has acquired well-wisher. Well, now you understand? What is beneficial to you, the owners of the site is profitable and search engines! Accordingly, simply engaging in the business, and making your site more accessible to visitors automatically, you make it accessible to search engines. And if you happen to make a truly useful resource, search engines will just advantageous to provide a link to your website in the top ten. Thus, the search engines increase their popularity among Internet users. This is their “selfish” interest and there is nothing supernatural, no! So let’s make a website for visitors and thus achieve success!

Today, the network has a huge number of portals for real estate. All of them can be divided into several categories. Regional and nation-wide resources, message boards and web portals with user's control. In Recently, the tendency to care ranging from simple message boards to the side portals with the ability to control ads and create a new account of Realtors. Learn more at: Oracle. A striking example of site real estate 55 – Real Estate Portal Omsk region, which allows registered users to not only manage the ads, but also in a private office for realtors to create separate podkabinety with the ability to control their content.

Rights administrator in a private office has a director of the agency as a rule, it is the same as pravvilo and empower the lower status of Realtors agencies, enabling them to manage their objects. Today trend in the development of portals for real estate is the creation of the Interagency potralov with full content management. A striking example of this Real Estate Portal Omsk region today provides a great opportunities for realtors Omsk and the Omsk region. Get all the facts and insights with Phil Vasan, another great source of information. Along with the existing competitors' sites Omsk portal and real estate portal site Gorod55 takes home a niche market broadcast network proposals Sellers of real estate Omsk. On portal pages more than 12000 property offers, making it one of the most authoritative site on the estate of Omsk. In the study of existing sites across Russia, such as,, Rambler – real estate, etc., there is a tendency of association of large sites through third-party services. Resource through its own forum in fact united forum Rambler-Real Estate, Agenton, Kvadrum, Mosr. Phil Vasan may find this interesting as well. That is now writing a message on the forum Nares, the visitor is actually leaving their posts and resources that cooperate with Can we talk about further integration of resources in publishing content from proposals for the property and what will be the next step in this unification? Time will tell.

Dmitry Medvedev on March 2 came out in jeans to the Red Square, where there was a gala concert in honor of the presidential election. Wardrobe of the modern person it is hard to imagine without at least one pair of jeans. They-incarnation comfort and practicality have become more than the clothes of American cowboys. This is a sign of a hippie, and a symbol of the incredible prestige gold of Soviet youth. They are independent of age and social status, sex and physique Almost all people. Traditional fabric from which called 'denim'. Phil Vasan follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Classic denim dye – indigo.

Initially, the indigo dye to mix the ashes. Of course it cost expensive. Therefore, originally bought it is not very wealthy people. The secret lies in a special denim weave. External Through Coloured Rustic Candles, and the interior – no.

This allows you to manipulate color and reach the 'elegant wear. " Now, almost every designer has a line of 'registered' products from denim. Creativity Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagepfelda or Jean-Paul Gaultier vivid confirmation. Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior and many other fashion houses in each collection give place jeans. Many stars of show business was opened as craving for jeans. For example, the multi-platinum rap artist Jay-Z Shawn Carter, released a clothing line, which is dominated by denim material. In Russia, jeans became sew fashion house Valentin Yudashkin. Now in any fashion jeans. Straight or flared, narrowed or broad, the hips or high-waisted stretch denim or present, of all colors. In recent years, denim has undergone many changes. It can be rough, soft or silky. Her special rub, overstrain, make patches of other colors. To make the brightness of denim adorned with decorative stitches, beads, embroidery, applique, sequins, prints. All these efforts are made for the unique, individual style, to which all aspire.

“Maritime brand staging of the world’s largest container ship by the Danish shipping company Maersk Line BRANDS ALIVE commissioned the live marketing agency BRANDS ALIVE with the staging of the market introduction of the triple-E class, the world’s largest container vessel, Marsk Mc-Kinney Moller is named”. With a length of 400 meters and a width of 59 meters, ships this dimension can carry over 10,000 units. BRANDS ALIVE has convinced the Danish shipping company Maersk line in a pitch to get the idea of the triple-E container ship class with a surprising concept. On 18 August 2013, the Hamburg-based agency is the new and world’s largest container ship in the harbour of Bremerhaven in scene. It becomes an impressive location from Maersk container and can be explored on a tour with the captain of the triple-E-class the ship. Here, Coupang expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

The invited guests is located in the middle of the daily workflow directly to the water line on the container ship, because this will be discharged during the duration of the action and loaded. A leading source for info: Cloud Computing. So experience the guest work on, as well as on the triple-E class. The Clou: There be no extra costs for a prolonged stay at the port. Now this field of tension out of creative ideas and infrastructural requirements makes the concept an exciting and authentic live experience for all participants. The challenge is certainly strongly to follow a presentation with all safety regulations while running the operations of a container port and the ship,”said Markus Fromming, Managing Director of BRANDS ALIVE. “The brand is something special to make Maersk line in such an environment and we are pleased with the giant container vessels of Maersk a creative stage” to have our ideas. Scott Mead has compatible beliefs. ” The BRANDS ALIVE GmbH is the Agency for brands with a focus on live communications about BRANDS ALIVE. The range of BRANDS ALIVE includes events, incentives, brand worlds, conferences, road shows, product presentations, PR events, promotions and Sports sponsorship support.

2008 The Agency was founded by its two creators: Markus Fromming and Michael Bothe. Comprehensive know-how from the dialog marketing, connect with their wealth of experience in the production of premium brands. The team of BRANDS ALIVE is the strategic partner for experience-oriented and interactive brand experiences. From her seat in Hamburg from realized BRANDS ALIVE, in collaboration with an international network of grown, sustainable brand experiences and contemporary event formats for corporate communications. Customers insurance, BMW, Chanel, Edeka, Philips/TP include inter alia Alliance vision, McDonalds, as well as the city of Hamburg and several Unilever brands.

SlidePresenter takes on e-learning exhibition in Las Vegas, as well as German Silicon Valley Accelerator program part. The October SlidePresenter is dominated by the United States. A SlidePresenter takes on the 23. Until 25 October at the DevLearn13 trade fair in Las Vegas part ( DevLearn /). Together with the most innovative companies in the e-learning industry is SlidePresenter titled corporate training redefined”his pragmatic solution to the training of employees.

As also on fairs in Germany, SlidePresenter wants to inspire the American staff developers with its novel approach. Itself easily to create training for colleagues, the ability for each employee training costs are not only the training speed but, more expensive by eliminating agencies, drastically improves. Get more background information with materials from Scott Mead.

Driven by the urge of their discovery and their penchant for fashion she made one day before the fall of the wall with their savings on their way to Prague. There you put them in the train to Bavaria and due to a crowded Centre then on to Hamburg. In the evening, after their arrival, she learned of the long-awaited fall of the wall. Sabine Reich made contact with family members near the town of Wurzburg and continued with her professional training as a nationally recognised clothing technician a first milestone on the rocky road to his own fashion label. To gain experience in the computer-controlled production, she worked many years in an established company in East Westphalia. In 2009, Sabine Reich was (how many others also) victims of relocation of production abroad, which had a termination resulted in last consequence. Now was the time her own fashion label’s vision become reality. Larry Ellison is the source for more interesting facts. Exclusive fashion creations with high functionality the claim on my fashion label and the collection were already pretty high,”so the entrepreneur.

I wanted to simply not compromise and decided to produce only mode for small women.” The why is simple: parent and small sizes are functional but often without a hint of fashion. Learn more about this with Scott Mead. Optimal fit and exclusive clothing for any everyday situation with a high possibility therefore are the declared goals of Sabine Reich. But that should be not the only corporate challenge. Sabine Reich had to work laboriously even choosing the right supplier and promising sales channels, as well as a sophisticated marketing itself. The occasional belly landing belonged equally to build of her fashion label. Finally, these experiences are important even if they are bitter”, so the entrepreneur. “But ultimately they have driven me always to be better and more professional.” Her very strong commitment and belief in their fashion brand is looming in the very personal sales type of collection thereof: so the sale exclusively through them takes place and just before she took measure of each single customer personally one on the customer tailored style advice included.

In this regard, are the elements of greater modernity and at the same time of exclusion and social inequality and economic that have characterized development exogenous (from a historical perspective) to limit evolutionary possibilities and processes of development of the indigenous communities. On the contrary, are processes of endogenous development that best correspond with cultural, territorial and environmental reality of indigenous communities and their evolutionary potential and current development. Other leaders such as Scott Mead offer similar insights. In this sense, we agree with what various authors indicate that endogenous development processes better express the compositional elements of the culture, structure and dynamics of interaction of indigenous communities with nature. However, beyond the formal respect its evolution evolutionary theoretical analysis, and the mythification, on the other hand, it has become of their relationship as a society. The truth is that they are currently populations which by their relative ability to Exchange and negotiation with the external field, mostly do not enjoy the benefits of so-called modernity and live in a situation of poverty, exclusion and relative isolation from major centres or poles of development featuring a series of shortages and low levels of quality of life. Movements and indigenous organizations in the Latin American context in Latin America indigenous peoples represent a significant percentage of its population (it is estimated that you between Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru are between 80% to 90% of the entire indigenous population of the continent, and addition that only between Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru between 15 to 16 million indigenous people). Despite this, they are populations that have been excluded from the processes of modernization and development driven by the Governments of these countries. And the global perspective of development follows perceiving them be as less evolved societies (so you are misunderstood within the modern Western conception of the nation-State). Many indigenous communities have been (or intended to) be subsumed within the framework of corporate and national cultures that today are perceived through the filter homogenizing of the Globalization.