12 Months

Once said to the twelve months of the powerful, evil sorcerer and give them to friends engraved. – I wish I could be the thirteenth! – And where we'll zapihnem Sinister, the year is not made of rubber? – I already have, between December and January. I would be fellows at the end of the year to frighten, all sorts of adversity send, the weather is unpredictable change, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, all sorts. However, with the name I tugovat, but I think people will quickly come up with. – Grandpa, we've got all already ustakanilos, the order of some established, who thirty, who went to thirty-one days, everyone has their responsibilities and rights were formed, and you're there with his terrors of shoving. – Do not want to, eh? Okay, I have such a mess I will build, will not find it. – Wait a minute, maybe once a deal? – And what you can offer me, I still have.

– Come on, we'll give you a couple of days. Time – a thing dear, almost priceless. Picks up and disappear, but so that about you, and these days, all was forgotten. Suit? – Good! Word of the magician to give, it shall be inviolable. Magician took a gift and get out.

All is well, there would have a fairy tale ends, but balked brother in February, was the black clouds. – Why did you, my friends, gave him my days, I have that – Deadline? – Come on, more lightly on this bespredelschik. And your days are given because you have the most ferocious. The people on you often complains. But do not worry, we'll watch, but minutes skins, four years on a day will be typed. That's right, brothers ward off the evil wizard, but people got a leap year.