European Union

Utilities in the Czech Republic par with the cost of utilities Czech Republic takes 18 place among European Union countries. On the one hand, the price of electricity, water, gas, heating, garbage removal, etc., in this country depends on fares companies providing public services, and on the other hand, depends on the economical use of energy and public utility services. At home, apartment, commercial property sets a counter, which during the reporting period (usually it is the year) fixed rate energy consumed. After removing the meter on the facts and recalculate the owner Real estate is exposed proximate the invoice for payment of utilities. In the case of careful use of electricity, gas, water savings will automatically be credited to a future reporting period. Click Warner Media to learn more.

Such a system Settlement due to the fact that the consumer, be it natural or legal person who pays the estimated average monthly amount for the use of electricity or water. This amount is calculated utility households, based on the number of people living in an apartment or house, number of workers on commercial sites, and also depends on the average energy consumption, the quadrature of the property and other factors. Public utilities Czech Republic at the ninety-percent owned by private capital, so the interaction between the consumer and public services is a simple and affordable. Questions solved quickly and efficiently. Call repairmen possible both by telephone and via the Internet at a convenient time for the consumer. At the time of this writing, the average monthly payment for utility services in Prague for a three-room Apartment is 3-6 thousand kronor (120-240 euros).

In other Czech cities such as Brno, Plzen, Teplice, Ostrava, this amount does not differ znachitelno. fairly high cost of utility bills in relation to the average Wages in the Czech Republic, it should be noted that the population is very sparingly and carefully refers to the use of electricity, gas and water. The presence of automatic lighting sensors in homes, entrances, telephone booths significantly reduces and saves energy consumption. Such an attitude is very happy. In each housing system is used adjust the heating, by which it is possible to set the desired temperature. Foreign nationals coming to the Czech Republic to place of residence must be prepared to change their habits and use European rules save energy.