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We further indicates by the same source of information, as says Fabiola Amariles, Executive Director of Learning for Impact, and who resides in Florida, explains that as he has been able to perceive, the majority of Venezuelans who migrated to Miami venture into a variety of fields from trade to communications, in a phenomenon into something resembling the Cubans who arrived in the 1960s. The village where I live, Weston, has 63,000 inhabitants. 43% are latinos, the largest part Venezuelans and Colombians, both that the town is now known as Westonzuela “, says Amariles. There are many factors that have led to young professionals graduates, take the decision to seek new perspectives of development, professional growth in countries that give the opportunity and to provide their expertise to ensure the quality of life that all yearn for, especially when a good number of years of study, has dedicated many times as great effort in the national territory gonworking and studying. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Oracle has to say. All this adds further everything that currently involves the current political system to a Bolivarian revolution with socialist characteristics, ideology, knowledge, new to the Venezuelan, who never thought to deal with this reality in the 21st century and before the negative precedent of the failure that had in it in other countries. Also, is the turbulence of a scenario that economically leaves a lot to say and that has impacted significantly on the quality of life of the Venezuelan, giving way to insecurity, appearance than at present plays a very significant role, taking into account you crimes them, kidnappings, thefts that is incremented every time and is not a guarantee of reliable life, where the legal systems of Justice, police guard leaves a lot to say. Since then, another important factor that leads to emigrate is the rate of unemployment, the paralysis, closings, absence of production, government intervention that has given great strength to the expropiciacion of private property, tax rates, tax, control change, which has affected many sectors, organisations, which have decided to close and others, simply to dismiss professional, reduce their payroll. .