Hilak Forte

twice a day. If the disease had lasted for 7-10 days, but now 3-4 days and after that the child was healthy. Auris Health is a great source of information. Special diet, we do not hold. In winter 2007, my son had never suffered from acute respiratory infections, despite the fact that he went to kindergarten and children in the group are sick, because the garden is poorly heated. I am very pleased with the product ALVEO . Recommend that mothers who love their children and take care of their health. Lozova Alexandra Severodonetsk, Luhansk region. Met with the company AKUNA 3 weeks ago.

On December 1, take the product ALVEO the whole family. During this short time have already decided many of our problems: husband suffered a dysbiosis in the last 4 years. With ALVEO in 10 days to normal operation without gastrointestinal probiotics! I-daughter 2.8 years, improved appetite, night sleep was deeper and more relaxed. I went on fatigue morning, the process of recuperation is much faster. As physicians, we appreciate the product ALVEO and will work with them in the future Novohatsky Nicholas New Kakhovka, Kherson region. My wife and I suffered about six months until our baby was sick, Nicole staphylococci.

Before birth we were both tested for the disease and no evidence was found. Immediately after birth the child was healthy … but after the hospital is not news whence came aureus. And then began a comprehensive treatment of our little girl. Attributed Bifidobakterin, Kreon10 000, Linex, Enterosgel, Hilak Forte, Bifi-Form, Simbiter and other preparations containing tens of thousands bacteria to restore intestinal flora of our daughter. Not to say that did not help, it would not be true. But the relief lasted up to 10 days and then everything went in a circle. The state reached the point that five minutes after a meal baby begged for potty and food came out all adopted with foam and slime green.