Investors-check: Precious Metal Investments

Investors-check: Precious metal investments. Return with gold, silver, Platinum and Palladium? The demand extremely for gold in a row of economic and financial crisis since 2008. Many investors are trying to protect their assets by using the precious yellow metal. Besides the rising price of gold, the precious metals until now less acclaimed have drawn more attention. The sellers argue that investors can earn good money with silver, Platinum and Palladium. The cult of the gold is repeated whenever an economic crisis looms. Gold prices shoot through the roof. He crashes precipitously again after overcoming fear.

However, gold has proven itself for very long periods of time as Wertbewahrungsmittel. But ostensibly dealing with capital gains, gold is not always the first choice. In 2009 was Palladium of the leader among the precious metals, with an increase of 114%. At the turn of the Millennium, Platinum prices were the competition in the shade. And also silver, the gold of the poor-man ‘s”cut in the past always again better than Golden’s big brother. Are other precious metals as asset protection? The products with which investors can rely on all precious metals, are very diverse. There is nothing that does not exist: bullion, coins, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exchange traded commodities (ETC), certificates, warrants, futures, mini-futures, leverage products, and such, with which you can bet on falling prices. Fox looks behind the scenes and is considering whether suitable alternatives to gold as an investment.

We examine the market (supply and demand) and illuminate who determine supply and demand. And we take the most important precious metal products and investment opportunities under the magnifying glass. We show you whether you can protect your assets with precious metal investments and invest optimally in the alternatives to the gold with which products. Stefan Ziermann resort Manager Publisher Fox letters…