' ' The reducional life adaptou it the especificidade the originalidade guarani. In this meeting forms appear of religious and economic life that hardly if they would outside understand of this etnologia.' ' (OLIVEIRA, 2004:46). But the religion was not alone instrument of this reducionista process. Another element importantssimo for the jesutico domain was for the way as the Jesuit soon arriving America was treating to learn the language of its future arms stops for in practical the missioneiro project. Clearly that it in such a way had the interest on the part of the Crown as of the Company of Jesus who the native ones soon learned the Spaniard. However for the Jesuits at a first moment it was important more than what of haste to learn the language guarani. Since in such a way the natives would leave most vulnerable dominating the language. On the other hand: ' ' In this direction, the learning of the language contributes to establish narrow relations with the guaranis that were not felt kept out of society by not saying the language of espanhol.' ' (OLIVEIRA, 2004:51).

In addition learning the language guarani penetrated deep together with its catequista didactics mesclando the catolicismo to all materiality and mentality in the daily one of guarani and its way to see the world. In the reduction process, it has a manipulation of these practical for a disfarado sincretismo, so that guarani to the few was coed-opt by practical the religious one of the daily one of the Jesuits. As in the sample Saints, (1998: 121), guarani at the hands of the Jesuits served to the interests of the Spanish crown defending the Spanish territory of possible Portuguese attacks, and also against other indians who if refused to be reduced, and even though of the considered subjects rebelled. Guarani missioneiro becomes subject of the Spanish Crown at a first moment under the monitoring of the Company of Jesus, until this had its missioneiro project visa as a State inside of another State, and in this case the Spaniard.