Sundried Fish

Dried fish – salted fish is, dehydrated in the drying process. Production of dried fish may occur in natural conditions, exposure to sunlight and heat, and in the kilns at the use of special equipment and technology. Fish removed about 80% moisture, and its appearance varies, fabric impregnated with fat, resulting in meat becomes translucent yellow, golden color, becomes slightly translucent and oily. Oily fish and average fat content is most suitable for drying. The fatter fish, the more apparent its taste and aroma, best preserved proteins, vitamins, minerals and beneficial properties. Duration of drying fish depends on size, season and climatic conditions, and typically ranges from 10 to 30 days. Spring time most suitable for drying, since the days sunny and warm, Wind moderate.

Determine the readiness of dried fish can be in the following qualities: 1) the meat is dense, elastic, not brittle, and 2) in the context of a pinkish-yellow, and 3) back dry, and 4) orange-red eggs. If bending fish nadlamyvaetsya or cracks, it is considered overdried. A distinctive feature of the dried fish is that it is suitable for consumption without further heat and cooking. Especially strong dehydrated and dried fish are well kept for a long time. Dried fish requires special storage conditions, because of their failure to lead to accelerated product spoilage. It should be kept in a cool, well ventilated, dry indoors, preferably in limbo, or wrapped in paper. It is unacceptable to keep the fish in PE, because it is not breathable.

Note the appearance and smell of dried fish. Its surface should be smooth and free of plaque and salt. Note the appearance of even a small putrid odor and light a light touch. This fish can be tainted and unfit for consumption. (Source: David Rogier). To increase shelf life, fish can be treated with sunflower oil or vinegar. In the strict observance of the methods and conditions of storage, dried fish do not lose their properties and qualities for 5 months. The most commonly found in dried form sabrefish, vimba, bream, silver bream, pike, perch, carp, pike and roach.