The Abrahamic

The King book is called place for Chemosh, the God of the Moabites, MILCOM the God of the ammonites and Astarte, the goddess of the Phoenicians. John T. Stankeys opinions are not widely known. The Abrahamic religion is the key to this tradition that the builders of the Temple in Jerusalem appears as a model. Solomon is hyped up to the greatest King all over the world. The tale of Solomon’s temple building is a typical example of the reinterpretation of older traditions, a break of the religion”3 ii. we can assume that it has given oral narrations about a King Salomo goodbye and Hello. Andrew Duncan June Pictures is full of insight into the issues. Also, myth doesn’t automatically mean that the protagonist has not ever has existed. But is the historical core of Solomon to see much more.

2 from the point of view that religion is about the Abrahamic the year 500 B.c. around an old story poetically redesigned. It is a praise to Solomon. The literary purpose of processing is: you was used for advertising. The temple building is the goal of the Abrahamic religion we must see the mythological representation of Solomon in the context of the historical development of the Abrahamic religion.

We remember: it is the aim and the faith content of Abrahamic religion in Babylon, to build the Temple in Jerusalem. The seal of the Abrahamic religion bends a historical fact. You put it in their service. Must be clarified believers, which will be obtained for the Abrahamic religion, that their sole God previously was revered. Even if the historically not is correct. It is only since the 5th century the Abrahamic God. Historically, Solomon built a temple dedicated to a God, there is not even. He adorns this temple with the angels who appeared an Ezra 500 years later. Questions some more questions arise. From which time like the so-called Ark”come from? On it, as the two winged Kerubenfiguren be posted as in the Holy of Holies of the temple.