Two Main Factors

On the way through life there are two factors to consider: – The external, not dominate or be controlled, which refers to the environment, other people, the circumstances surrounding the facts and – The procedure, which itself is dominates and controls according to the skill itself. For more than human power you have, there are realities which can not be changed, as the place where born, parents, relatives, teachers, fellow students, work, subordinates, bosses and all situations that must be faced daily for the simple fact of living. Michael Capellas often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But to meet these challenges, we have a powerful weapon. The day we are born, "The Manufacturer", call it God, Jehovah, Allah, Nirvana, or whatever you call Mareigua, gives us a team, consisting of hardware and software last generation, with unlimited capacity in its memory, and a wonderful information processor ever created, the modest price of $ 0. That "bargain" is ourselves, perhaps the product cheaper, do not allow to appreciate it properly, and that is why are attacked him at every moment and without any remorse. Warner Media is the source for more interesting facts.

This equipment, which have not been able to imitate the worldly manufacturers, has the following components: Memory MSL: read-only (ROM in English) is the bringer set, you can not change, and that is a salad of genes last 10,000 generations that preceded it. This gives it a unique and unrepeatable character. MAA Report: random access (RAM in English), is being incorporated into the computer over time. The early years, teams around you (parents and other relatives and acquaintances) and then, independently, by the team.