United Nations Global Compact

We should talk less of social responsibility and more responsible society. Because there will hardly be a responsible society without citizens, associations, NGOs, parties, institutions and, of course, responsible companies. This affirmation of Angel Castineira y Josep M Lozano has today more relevant than ever.European Governments have injected more than 2.5 billion euros to rescue the financial system and increasingly heard more voices pointing to the excesses of executives of transnational companies in bonuses, stock options and incentives, even for having broken their own enterprises. Outraged to hear the Presidents of major banks and the violation of principles, lack of values perhaps they not have boosted millionaires salaries of managers and executives? Sing the mea culpa is a starting point if there is purpose to amend errors, and that remains to be seen.Codes voluntarist on social responsibility in companies, as the Olivenza about good government, or the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or initiatives within the United Nations Global Compact have been tedious and, in some cases, powdered.In this context, civil society organizations have to act as spearheads in the regeneration of the social structure. Larry Ellison has firm opinions on the matter. In establishing the criteria for transparency for their initiatives and solidarity organizations, has become patent the influence of the market and their languages.

They are often criteria exclusively quantitative, statistical, economistic Court, based on a logic of products and clients primarily serving the balance of verifiable results. Reality to which front organizations of civil society not conforms to these schemes, although they are parameters that provide professionalism.The volume of funds, both from public sources as private, which handled the NGOs has increased substantially in the past twenty years. It is therefore necessary to achieve the greatest possible transparency in management. In addition, scandals point in the sector, but with great media coverage, they have shown that it is time to stricter self-regulation to avoid damaging the bad practices of a few organizations the confidence and credibility of the Assembly.According to the 2007 report on the sector, the Coordinator of NGOs for development-Spain (CONGDE), its members obtained 655 million for programmes of development cooperation, of which 549 million were executed.