Confidentiality Agreement

" However, according to Skuratovskyi, such costs recouped, since the availability of the job description allows you to increase productivity by 20-30%. Leave not in a good "divorce" with the former employee does not always end well. Many entrepreneurs know the situation when, leaving the company, the employee divulge almost all its trade secrets. Or, worse yet, leaving to competitors, giving them all their savings in the previous job information, the nature of the business. Many countries have long recognized the need to provide in law for obligations of staff against former employers.

And in addition to employment contracts are concluded two agreements – not to disclose confidential information that became available during the employment relationship, and the prohibition work for competitors for a certain period (usually a year – two) after the completion of the employment relationship. Such agreements allow employers with staff to feel more secure. According to a recent survey, U.S. 49% of employers are always conclude agreements on the prohibition to work for a competitor after termination of employment, while another 26% enter into such agreements only with certain employees. As the lawyers consulting Company Protect your business' need to hedge is when receiving an employee.

For this case, the organization must be of paper, which govern the relationship between the manager (owner) of the company and the employee. Such documents are internal acts of the company: An employment contract (contract), job description, the Regulation on Commercial Secrets, Confidentiality Agreement of trade secrets, Regulation on the Procedure of work with customer instructions and record keeping, etc. Lawyers note that, by hiring new employees are encouraged to familiarize them with the aforementioned internal documents of the company before signing an employment contract. If an organization such securities do not, they must develop, adopt the order and receive written confirmation of familiarizing staff with them. In this case, the provisions contained in the documents should be the one hand, to protect the interests of the company, on the other – do not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation, therefore, to avoid such discrepancies should be referred to specialists. And finally the main, in our opinion, advice. Specialists Personnel Center, "UNITY" note that the organization in which an atmosphere of openness and trust, much less at risk of fraud by employees, than that which dominated the secrecy fear, distrust and authoritarianism. I agree with this assertion and ceo of pharmaceutical company "ONYX pharm Elena Schmidt:" The fact is that in a company where employees are under pressure, there is no certainty tomorrow. In such organizations there is a risk that employees will privorovyvat for a rainy day. " These words are true for any organization. After all, if the staff and the employer will pursue common goals, they protected from each other simply do not need.