Find Westminster Abbey

In the popular tv series "Friends" was pretty clever ridiculed plans to ordinary tourists, staying in London: Find Westminster Abbey, to get lost in the city, to drink beer in an old pub, buy a ridiculous hat British symbols and be photographed with the Queen. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Bixby. At worst, will suit the Duchess of York. This is all great, but do not forget about the amazing museums in the city, a visit which will leave an indelible mark on memory for years to come. Since the bypass all the memorable places of the city is not enough for a few years of life, try to stay on the most popular museums in the British stolitsy.muzey Madame TyussoMuzey full-size wax Madame Tussauds today has become a mark of London, as Tower, Big Ben or the famous street of fast food fish & chips (fried fish and potatoes). created this most popular in the capital of the British Museum, an amazing woman – Marie Tussaud. She was born in Strasbourg, Germany, took the first steps in a career in Paris, has achieved stunning success in London and became known throughout the world. What's alchemists to search for the philosopher's stone capable of conquer Death – Madame Tussaud's has long solved this problem. She skillfully preserved beauty and power of their characters, stop time, and skillfully drove the nose smert.Mog anyone think anatomist and sculptor Phillip Kortyus that love affair with Anna Grosholts bring him not only to marital happiness, and the present, devoted friend, ally and receiver in the face of her little daughter, Marie? Combining the rare qualities, such as pragmatism and creativity, Kortyus made a living manufacturing small wax busts. .