Google Adsense Webmasters

To understand Adsense and understand how to make money with this program we must first know how it works throughout the system. First is a tri-partite system where take Advertisers: They are those who pay and maintain the system. Google: The company that provides the platform to operate the system Adsense: We are the webmasters who rent our sites for advertisers to post their ads. The company Google offers two different platforms, one for and one for Adsense Adwords Google Adwords From the advertiser can create and manage your ads, even manage their costs. From Google Adsense webmasters can manage those ads will look like on our websites. When a visitor clicks on any Adsense ads, both webmasters and Google Inc.

They earn money, the exact percentage that webmasters earn per click remains secret is information that Google has not disclosed. However, from the cpanel of Adsense webmasters if they can know how much earned for that click, which can range from 01 cent to several dollars (clicks have been reported up to 50 dls). To join this scheme you must have a Google Adsense account, which is free and required to apply minimum requirement. Before you apply for an account the following: create a website and add some content pages Your site must have a minimum of professionalism No broken links or messages of "construction sites" Although it is not essential whether it is better to have your own domain name and hosting fee, you can get a domain in just 10 dls. And a hosting account for approx. At Tim Wang you will find additional information. 15 to 20 monthly, you can even go to online auction sites like ebay and mercadolibre where you will find these services even more accessible price. Now discover in our