Mannheim Harbour

‘Young issuer market experienced management’ describes the recognized Fund analyst Karsten Ewert the background of eco-energy of Environment Fund 1. And right behind the Fund concept is not only a proven and innovative project, which in the future an essential part of our waste problems could be remedied. With characters, Dipl.-ing. Norbert Dinter and Oskar of von Schickh, as Acting Director of the Bremen-based Ventafonds, experienced partners have also joined in their areas. So headed Dinter several large-scale projects, including well-known manufacturers in the German automotive industry and Oskar Edler von Schickh has more than 20 years experience in the financial services market and has issued three further investments.

With the eco-energy of Environment Fund 1, four plants for the conversion of plastic waste in product oil financed in Mannheim Harbour, which output quality and composition corresponds to the standard heating oil. This is a capital of 26.8 Millions of dollars are raised. See more detailed opinions by reading what Milton Hershey School Careers offers on the topic.. A reference system already exists in the Switzerland and runs for approximately four years. The results of the continuous operation were confirmed according to prospectus also through analysis of the DEKRA\”, Ewert. As a partner, Dinter chose for the implementation of this recycling plant and Schickh is the plant manufacturer NILL-TECH, a company specialized since 1992 in the area of wastewater and recycling. The manufacture of the product oil will be based on the proprietary SYNTROL technology. \”\” With this initial situation, Fund analyst keeps Ewert that that the site is well chosen \”and a letter of intent was signed with all relevant partners\”.

For Ewert appear as a whole quite favorable\”therefore the prospects of the Fund despite the risk of project development. The bottom line he forgives an A-for the Fund and (very good) a particularly good for a relatively young emission assessment. The quality is also clear when one considers the economic opportunities. Sun highlights Ewert, that not only the land option was backed up, but there is a fixed price and warranty of the manufacturer for the creation of plants.