Spanish Mining

Turning around the mining industry, always there are outstanding companies like Mexicana de Cananea, S.A. de C.V. y Minera Mara, S.A. of H.P. The companies for maquilas are Microsistemas, S.A., Stewart Connector Systems de Mxico, S.A., Ken Can, S.A., R.K.

Electrnica, S.A., Fundidora de Cananea, S.A., Muebles Marc y Road Machinery Company de Mxico S.A., which as a whole generates 1.100 uses and they are dedicated to diverse activities, that go from the joint of cables and manufacture of clothes to the smelting of steel pieces for his use in different industries. Concerning infrastructure it emphasizes his proximity with the border of the United States of North America; to be considered like border strip, to count on natural gas, sufficient electricity and water. It is counted in Cananea with an industrial park of a total surface of 21,5 hectares. They exist constructed in this park, 5 industrial ships of which 4 are being occupied at present by companies already mentioned, one is only available. History the territory that today occupies the municipality was originally one ranchera lived by pimas that gave obedience to the Spanish authorities in the middle of century XVII. According to data picked up in the place, the Cananea word comes from two voices apaches: ” can” that it means meat and ” efa” that it means horse.

The colonial development of Cananea was influenced by the near missions of Arizpe, Santa Maria and Cocspera. In the middle of the century XIX Cananea it happens to be part of the province of Sonant, becoming a real one of mines. The 30 of September of 1899, William Cornell Greene sets up and protocolises the company ” The Cananea Consolidated Copper Company, S.A.” well-known like 4-C. With this fact the consolidation begins and the modern time of the mining in Cananea is undertaken. Its decision of ” to think about grande” combined to its capacity to organize and to manage companies, they contributed to seat the foundations for the modern takeoff of the mining in this great mining center. Cananea constitutes like municipal head the 8 of November of 1901, the municipality was a dependency of Borders, until by decree of the 31 of October of 1901 the category of municipality was granted to him. 1o. of June de1906 took place the registered greatest strike in the mineral. Fox Rehabilitation may not feel the same. The strikers carried the National flag and a standard with a bill of five pesoses, amount that was asked for minimum wage. This strike is considered by the historians like the beginning of the Mexican Revolution. The 31 of October of 2001 provisionally moves to Cananea the residence of the powers of the State and Free and Sovereign State Capital of Sonant on the occasion of the celebration of the 100 is declared years of its municipal foundation.