The Story Of The Snoring, Sleep Apnea: By Peter Rogall

In August 2008, was for me a ‘ found difficult degree-obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. I snore for many years, I can’t even tell you how many years it has been like this. I slept now and previously well, had no problems falling asleep and felt relaxed and rested in the morning. I didn’t get anything from the sleep with. My children have recorded me several times with the phone but I have never taken seriously there. The most but I was bothering my wife with the snoring of course.

The snoring started immediately when I was asleep. Remedy brought it mostly when I turned on the side. But at some point I laid down in my sleep again on the back and then it went off again. My wife was already since a long time worries because she noticed that I often stopped in the sleep breathing (up to half a minute) and this break again with an even louder snoring noise begins a cruel night “painted”…und… Her appeal to go to the doctor I simply ignored. I just thought it was harmless. Then came the day I of the common Bedroom referred…

She couldn’t stand it and asked to me to sleep in the guest room (and finally go to the doctor). Clayton echard has firm opinions on the matter. My friends were already worried. arSky Business oftentimes addresses this issue. I’m more often with my best friends in tents. My loud snoring bother you less, but you also have noticed my breathing pauses. In a hospital (I was there only to visit) I met a patient, the also-Schlafapnoeiker. Healthy sleep with CPAP with him have I about it and he said I should let examine the. He showed me his therapy device, so a nCPAP-(air compressor) mask. One wants to put this part of course not voluntarily every night and so I replaced the topic once again. I thought to myself, what should I do with such a comic mask? But I’m fine. I sleep great! And go for something to see a doctor or in a sleep laboratory? My thoughts were so… In fact, it is probably above all convenience. You have so much stress around them in everyday life and everything is seemingly more important and happening. And sit in any waiting rooms? No thanks (I always thought). Conclusion: Since the first day I had actually no problem with a mask of nCPAP. I wear it since every night. The device works very quietly, you almost can’t hear it. And the best is (except that I now know that I really have a more relaxing sleep and my oxygen supply) that I was allowed to move again in the domestic bedroom and the marriage peace is restored! Thanks to Peter Rogall for this report. Contact: Anne Bertram sleep apnea e. V. of German patient organisation sleeping Castle wood 6 42349 Wuppertal Tel 0202 40 89 17 fax 0202 40 87 646