This article aindaprocura to show to the readers through a bibliographical research the gravesconseqncias that this indiscriminate use of agroqumicos it can bring to meioambiente and the importance of the ambient conscience for a better future. Words Key: Environment, Agroqumicos, Agriculture. Introduction the agricultural work can be considered one practical dangerous one in the present time. Amongst some occupational risks, the agroqumicos are distinguished that sorelacionados the poisonings of the beings diverse livings creature and other ambient damages. This work looks for to take information to the readers on the importnciado correct use of agroqumicos and of the ambient conscience since, usoindiscriminado the e, many times incorrect of agroqumicos in Brazil, thus comoem other countries result in severe levels of pollution of the environment eintoxicao the life human being. Parts of the agriculturists are unaware of the risks taxes for these products, consequently, neglect some indispensable basic norms for asegurana in the work, leaving of this point this work have the purpose to demonstrate to the readers the importance of the correct use of these agroqumicos parapreservao of the environment and the health human being..