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It has forced the regime to oppose the impending reforms, which resulted in unexpected costs, in addition to the efforts the already budgeted State welfare programs and infrastructure spending to continue. The cost of the Islamic Republic are very diverse. They range from cleaning public buildings and monuments from anti-graffiti of Government, a small fortune for the recruitment of new security forces, which was paid to the 130.00 a day for Iranian relations. In addition the regime has spent huge sums of money, to suppress the free flow of information. The Iranian leadership has doubled its efforts to interfere with satellite television and radio from abroad and further tightened control of the Internet. In the international business of Iran is more isolated than ever before. Corporations that operate in the Iran, are very hesitant to extend their contracts until political stability is coming with the Government.

Meanwhile millions of euros from the Iran are been made to Europe and other regions that appear to be safe havens. The Loss of investments enormously increased the complications in the planning of the budget for the regime. No compromise what’s still happen, are the sanctions threat of. Ahmadinejad insists no compromises in the negotiations to enter the nuclear research, a tough stance, which could have far-reaching consequences. The regime will be affected less by the sanctions, while the population will feel the impact and will air their anger over sanctions. Such financial thumbscrews would weaken any Government, but the Government of Ahmadinejad’s is particularly sensitive. The Iranian President has secured his political support through the distribution of Iran’s wealth to the poorest of society. If he’s now less money available for its distribution programs, Ahmadinejad is forced to put the loyalty of veterans, the officials and poor workers who were his tireless supporters. As it is most often used for risky bets, its available The odds are not very good.

Chancellor tolerates bending of rules by judges from the media and politicians of the Federal Republic of Germany are upheld human rights always again mantra and defended. Wag his finger you everywhere urges human rights violations in the world. No country is too small and no continent to remote in order to escape the sharp eyes of the Federal Government. Violations of human rights are on the agenda for State visits. The army of journalists present quoted dutifully, if the Chancellor does not violations of human rights in China or Russia to be pilloried. The State guests must leave this reproach by Angela Merkel patiently endure. At first glance, everything seems to be normal. At a second glance, but doubts about the sincerity of the Chancellor make wide.

Because: For human rights violations committed in Germany, at the own citizens, through the own civil servants – they seem and their CDU – had long ceased to be interested in. The German victims wondering anyway, by Human rights violations in Germany for quite some time. It is referred to in articles 25 and 28 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany – the constitutional order in countries to ensure their uncontested duty. However, the implementation of these two articles is still not possible for more than 60 years Federal Republic quite obvious even for purely technical reasons. In the authorities of the Federal Government, the countries and the communities lack namely this necessary monitoring systems. Here, Gary Kelly expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Control systems and controllers – how they are each international group management standard for decades. The authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany are sober – seen – potential constitutional Crusher without any supervision and control.

Any civil servant can at will after his frustrations on helpless citizens live! Can be no question of legal guarantee – as – authentic – provided the basic law! And the army of millions of the clerk in the authorities, given the never-ending flood of laws do not end of course hopelessly overwhelmed, to keep them exactly. The Fehlerqoute in the regulatory decisions is therefore frightening and worrying! About this legal mess, its concrete consequences and the so-called rule of law, which by now is no more, you can read more in the exciting book – Angela Merkel’s sins -. It is download – – free of charge – at BookRix – or directly from the link – from the Internet. Here is documented as absolute non-shareholders virtually stole his own joint-stock company the sole shareholder of a 100%! And then they have delete the victim as sole Director of the commercial register, and thus thrown out of his own company. And this is happening not in distant Africa or somewhere in China! No, that happens in the middle of Germany in 2009. For the victims, this is the purest HOLOCAUST – to watch, how the perpetrators of his assets beautiful and pleasures of living and swim in his money. And all this happens because the Chancellor Merkel–despite numerous requests – refused to date – has their federal supervision of the countries to exercise! But you might find yourself in this country a few brave journalists who dare on this topic and ask the Frau Merkel, what prompted them to mention still such inhuman violations of human rights and to remain inactive? Karl-Werner Ludwig

What does mean that again? Emerges from this last paragraph of background already, how to continue the development of the euro debt market and that does not bode well. Increase the base amount of debt or debt restructuring basis, that already exist, that a guarantee does not mean now times that guaranteed money must not be rented and must be ultimately increases the existing debt burden (base amount) of the States concerned and operated at least with interest. Repayment is currently realistic at all not to think and will be in the next decades not to think. We want to not think at the entrance of a recourse to the guarantees–rather, because it would be the complete financial education throughout Europe. This whole history is no solution of the things and serves only the people and the financial markets calm down. The European banks have to do anything Even skeletons in the closet, which resulted in dubious real estate financing are abound. Bundesbank Vice President Franz-Christoph Zeitler estimated this alone in Germany EUR 100 billion, if that is enough time? All in all faces the Monetary Union a trillion disaster, a bubble, as the banker says, that most certainly will burst, as it will be no longer be financed in the form of savings packages. It’s just honest logic related to real, which does not follow the General dumbing down of people and politics.

Europe in free fall and who is going to save us. They talk also only by the rescue of the euro. Just so, as it involves a twenty euro banknote, in my pocket, which can be exchanged for emergency back in Deutsche mark, Swiss franc, crowns, etc and then it just goes on and the crisis is finished – just so over. No, it’s going to be or not to be, it’s about the biggest financial crisis the world has ever seen.

Parents at the network e. V., vehemently opposes the planned amendment of the youth media protection state contract (JMStV). Reason: From our point of view is the amendment to a disabled attempting to suggest apparent security in the network by the State. But the fact is that already the first attempt at the so-called anti-child pornography law is miserably. With a huge media effort and transparent polls, the law before the last federal election was whipped and put on hold after the election by the legislative procedure. At the moment all parties argue, whether that stop “is sign an effective protection against child pornography or not. The fact is also that the law so far convincing little.

And now the second attempt: all providers should take their network offers of an age rating and if provided with appropriate protection mechanisms, so that children and young people, for which this content should not be accessible, also cannot make use of these. What should that look like in practice? First, the provider should take their offerings of even an age classification. Gorgeous! And who controls this self-assessment and under what criteria? Times a small example: imagine for a moment, in an elementary school teaching of sexual education would take place child-friendly and gentle. We accept this school would have a blog or a forum and a student writes a short report about these lessons. How many concerned parents would demand storm running and an age restriction against this content? Now at least as many parents who forbid their children participate in this lesson. “So: what is now age” or harmful to minors? Also, all bloggers, private providers and clubs to identify their content.

So far so good. What will become of the many small providers, who prepare content with much effort and domestic work. “That cost very much money, brings the editors except honor” anything. These are now a Not Acceptable!

Not Acceptable!

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Internet. Prerequisite for this is that media literacy be promoted and not cropped at all ages. Man should be an independently thinking and acting individual Yes. Then, he should have the possibility to develop. Stop-sign such actions”are not helpful but contra-productive. And in the case a little to document the justified anger parents network exclude the IP currently 147 groups of Governments, ministries, offices and parties by the website in the next few days and also point to a stop sign, which stop.htmlbereits advance can be seen here. Background parents on the network e. V. parents in the network e. V. was founded in February 2008. Aim of the Association is to empower parents to support the computer and Internet activities of their children or to restrict and to familiarise them with the Internet tools and services. This includes parents, know what dangers on the kids on the Internet can and how they can protect their children. And of course parents can go to itself with Internet and computer. This runs the association with Internet platform, regularly conducts briefings and offering parents classes. Parents on the network is a project of the Cyspro Media Group: parents on the network E.v. contact: Andre Kind and Viola Genz Yorckstrasse 39 04159 Leipzig Tel: 0341 5904166 E-Mail:

Freedom means responsibility; This is the reason why most people are afraid of her. Although outnumbered by far the largest layer, the middle class in the public eye no matter outstanding. It talks about the rich before the arm you afraid, on the middle class but is generously away buried. Almost the survey results give the impression, the middle class is free of worries and hardships and storms out there were over in the world on this population. Only a few hills lost their way every now and then and entluden as a downpour over the Mittelland. This happy picture is but abundant battered: beneath the surface, it simmers! This is shown when saving, which, like the hair dryer and the Biswind (I think some other European countries) belongs to the Switzerland: 38% of middle-class families are financially at the limit.

You can create nothing more on the high edge. The situation in the lower middle class has become downright dramatic, where only every second family has money to save. Compounded the situation especially in the big cities, where rents are runaway wages presents itself. The high saving rate of 531 average savings francs a month thus obscures the new reality of many families who live only by the hand to mouth. Nevertheless, satisfaction there is under Swiss management. Why do? This is probably the ventured slope, to think pragmatically and materialistic to act.

It’s amazing how people who belong to patronize the capitalist layer let to this layer and his offer the Empire. Financed all the middle-class, the beneficiaries of social (is oK.), but the high finance that sucks out the middle class, laughs continue as long as people accept no responsibility and lulled”let this minority! Parents have the greater responsibility as a politician or Manager/CEO, because they can not fire the children if there is no work! The middle class is the “Motor from each country socially and economically, why be – come the politicians the high salaries and the Manager still the fat bonuses” to do so? Because the engine allows and nobody tried to take over responsibility! Therefore you can’t swim with the power of the mass, but you go their way, find out! Unfortunately our education system helps us not. Not really. The curriculum set by the ‘Government’ is more important than the individual plan for your life. What a pity!! All who understand or be aware of for a long time are, I want a whole new kind of personal and economic success. There are options that you must want only! So or so, I wish you all health and satisfaction. Hanspeter Herzig

.) We played an international game of pyramid, called EURO – bailout and which allots to a money of other States the first countries that go bust, again going bust this, until the screen is just blank. .) We drive a price policy, where although the products all expensive, wages but never be lifted. .) We do not invest in banks, which tell us at this point that they are bankrupt, in the next moment, but explain that they make such good sales in the East as long and do not invest in the creation of new jobs, so that it would appear legitimate, that we need more workers and support the regional health insurance fund, several years in a row declared that she would be konkursreif, at the same time build more palaces. .) We have adapted the salaries of migrant workers while the salary scheme in Austria and gave the General labour law, which makes sense, because this crime rate drops again, but forget to make sure that these people also in the pension system and the regional health insurance fund must be signed. Every immigrant for the entrepreneur becomes again cheaper than domestic workers, because he has to pay this only the collective agreement and have, however, forget that make sure these people from abroad and the money consequently left Austria. Then again, this weakens the Austrian social system. And we did all of this an organisation under the guise, who supposedly peace would like to backup, but Austrian soldiers who sends soldiers of a neutral State in a war zone like Afghanistan. Cloud computing may find this interesting as well.

EUROPE QUESTION.) We thank this organization a military alliance with Germany (NATO) as screen army of this organization, today what erodes the Austrian State Treaty. .) No one requesting “Austria is a Democratic Republic. more of the Constitution which begins with the words, The right of the people”, but we explain like this Eddie Prammer does quite clearly: “Austria is a representative democracy”. Please, where is it, and who will represent? Brussels?.) We try the abolition of the Austrian army, even though we know that the General national defence is anchored in the Constitution. OUTSIDERS if people but just pointing out this circumstance, then they are in the forums and the society as a Nazi locked, no matter they really represent what political opinion. And because you need someone to blame for all of these events, so this is found quickly: Islam. Yes, somewhere in the history this looks really familiar. Austria is free Raab has told us: Austria is free. Yes, Austria is free, but free from rules and decorum. Your pastor Hans-Georg Peitl

It mined approximately 17,000 points. (BA Chief Weise in conversation, we see currently no redundancies”(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 10.12.2012) the network of power that policy can the integration of banking, politics and media you define in this country as economic interests with the help of legislation.) Kurt Tucholski 1919 emerges mainly the bank Goldman Sachs impacts (social investment) at the social in the United States. In Germany, also medium-sized companies, foundations and universities in Germany join in addition to the international financial institutions, international institutions and consultants. “New institutions, such as PHINEO were and are established, for an investment precious” to identify bodies through certification for investors. Target investors profits it is – how to generate.

That was previously not possible in the social area, but with the method of the loans for social projects now possible. The bonus is paid by the State. Whether the repayment of bonds plus bonus is actually financially cheaper to borrow money elsewhere, remains to prove. In any case, affected and social professionals in unprecedented scope because of the success of compulsory are in such type of financing State, chained together. Each of their actions is riddled with economic constraints as a priority value and therefore no longer free. The ARTE documentation, a bank directs the world”, it was sent to the 17.10.2012, the most powerful Bank of all: Goldman Sachs. This global investment and securities firms issued is .immer only with corporations.

The Bank is described as a State within a State. They need to bribe anyone, they simply place their people. (Daniela Dahn; We are the State; Rowohlt 2013; Page 77). It creates a totally new relationship between Politics, Government and investment banks. The close link between of these areas is the core of Goldman Sachs’s corporate policy. For more than five years, the American investment bank Goldman Sachs stands for all the excesses and excesses of financial speculation.

As King Ludwig II of Bavaria. the Memorial of dying capitalism became… without even knowing it. Long live the King! Long live the King? He lived ever long? I mean not the sort reserved Queen Elizabeth, puritanical, modern, smart, kind and almost new age already something like a high Priestess movement, as stoically and left for the European high nobility rather unusual blue – she and Red-flowered “racial” mixing of to feed the public reproaches. How exhibit she devoted to the love and how clear it is their loved ones behind the spiritual needs…

Konsalik would invent it not better… And Rosamunde Pilcher is certainly not dared to stage… The many, many romantic marriages, which should show the people Yes almost trendsettend: look here: pomp and money are fleeting, even fame and fortune are not brazen values for which it is worth to fight – but: the love… Sigh… What a farce…

what a mockery… that precisely those Royal houses who have survived time and enjoy a popularity as probably only rarely, have opened the doors and left open… For the people… By this I don’t mean: your Castle is now a Museum and its history a Bertelsmann a buyer and its picture postcard – no! I mean: they have left their doors open for love… and… only that makes them SO endearing… Farce? No, as logically! Recently, I was with my husband at the Chiemsee. There was I no longer long. In fact the last time at a Schulasflug. Immediately, my husband and I, decided it should go to the Herreninsel. We were lucky. On this day, the last ferry and also the last guided tour of the Castle stood there just on the program… What there was us, that made me think… Very thoughtful. That was not the picture of the magnificent King Ludwig II. I wore in my memory, this was for me, anyway, the sad sight of a lonely man battling the delusions of grandeur…

Life rarely goes according to plan, and often requires assistance Berlin, November 30, 2009 – a young woman becomes unexpectedly pregnant, she often faces a mountain of questions and concerns. But families today into emergency. Sometimes all of a sudden, the economic situation changes such as by plant closure, short-time work or unemployment. Don’t forget you may the many single parents, who are increasingly threatened by poverty. For 16 years, there is a foundation that helps the people of this State as possible quickly and unbureaucratically in Thuringia, Germany. The Thuringian Foundation HandinHand attempting to assist those affected in the individual emergencies and to mitigate the existing problems with the help of Foundation money or to eliminate them as possible. To achieve this goal, the Foundation works with numerous information centres, which are the seeking help as a point of contact available on-site. The Thuringian Foundation HandinHand to a wider public with the turns in a great campaign Aim to get more money for a good cause.

A measure is the offer to send a small amount to the Foundation via SMS. Now go ask the people: send an SMS with HAND on the speed dial of 8 11 90 and support the Thuringian Foundation HandinHand with 3 EURO (plus the normal SMS transport fee.) It go directly 2.83 EUR to the Foundation. This is a service of spendino GmbH). About spendino the spendino GmbH is a service company for the non-profit sector. The young company aims to reduce the fundraising and to increase the volume of donations without additional investment. spendino enables the processing of SMS and online donations and positioned itself as a neutral partner for the non-profit organizations in Germany. Thus, the only provider in Germany, which specializes in the use of mobile technologies for social purposes is spendino. Your contact person: Florian Noll Tel.: 030 / 450 20 522 mobile: 0176 77 55 55 89 email:

Developing countries need more than ever our support in difficult times. The economic crisis of 2008/09 meets the world’s poor nations particularly hard that’s why because it is a banking crisis at the same time. So the crisis not destroys the economic advances of recent years, donations are now particularly important. During bad economic times many social and humanitarian organizations depend heavily on monetary and in-kind donations. This especially applies to those organizations that are committed to the people in the “developing countries”. Because while the rich countries of the world is comparatively well able to withstand crisis (and the budgets even invest in some sectors to stimulate the economy again), the poor countries have no comparable resources. A special feature of the global economic crisis of 2008 and 2009 is that it is also a banking crisis. This fact exacerbates the effects for the developing countries, because those States – already with equipped with low credit – have now even more difficult to borrow money on the international financial markets.

Cornered between the falling economy on the one hand and acute financial distress on the other hand, the small room for manoeuvre of the “third world” Governments are reduced to a minimum. The described situation endangered the quite visible progress that many countries have achieved in the past decades in the fight against hunger, poverty and illiteracy. Many African countries had achieved good results in the recent Vergangenenheit – with international help, but also thanks to its own efforts – now at stake. Therefore, it is very important that the generosity of the German population still does not allow to, even if the personal situation for many citizens of the economic crisis is threatened. All support measures, which help to stabilize the local economies and to help the people of acute in affected are useful during the crisis. Latter include for example donations for children who are often extremely fast and severely affected by increasing poverty. However, many donor agencies about such donations, which are dedicated to any express purpose, because these financial resources can be flexibly inserted forward. Jurgen Reschke