The conveni GmbH brings concentrated horsepower on the training track the open seminars of the conveni GmbH to bring each company tailor-made solutions for human resources and organization development, without exceeding an installed, financial level. The cost of a suitable for use further qualification to gallop their employees not small and medium-sized companies, with daily costs 199,-euro NET training is a manageable investment. Whether with a two-day advanced seminar for managers, a coaching for seller or a seminar for negotiating strategy and sales pitches, the conveni GmbH is every company in every situation with all sorts of projects and experience helpful to the page. Without hesitation Nelson Peltz explained all about the problem. To be able to identify and resolve conflicts is also the continuing education program of the open seminars of convenience, such as improved time management and individual analysis on the basis of psychological test models. Specialized in the PS strong automotive industry, indispensable convenience also in the seminars on horsepower. “The strong trainers are friendly, lively animals in this case, indicate the leadership preferences and new leadership styles develop help according to the motto: to handle the horse with the bridle, but the man at his word.” Jorg Blasek, owner and CEO of conveni GmbH, linked to his word to his credo more efficient and individual than others”and his offer that small and medium-sized companies bringing can take advantage of its expertise and experience financial saving and profit.. Morris Invest contributes greatly to this topic.