Gulf Capital

Drilling platform approaching aid in Alaska; Funds to more than 90prozent placed Stuttgart, 10.06.2011. Not all around the world”, but also not a much shorter distance will have completed the drilling platform of the US oil and gas Fund IX KG, when she arrives shortly in the assisted area in the Cook Inlet in Alaska. Earlier this year the drilling platform was Spartan”in Galveston, a Texas port city in the Gulf of Mexico on a special ship loaded and sent on the long trip to the region in the Cook Inlet. Since the special ship laden with more than 60 metres high drilling platform for the passage through the Panama Canal was too big, the route led first cross through the Caribbean; along the Brazilian and the Argentine Coast and finally in early April rounded Cape Horn. In recent weeks, drove the special ship North along the Chilean and Peruvian coasts, as well as on the Pacific coast of Mexico and the United States and reached the port a few days ago after a total of about 18,500 kilometers on the high seas by Vancouver.

Drill-ready in the Canadian city, the drilling platform, which has strong crew quarters for the up to 54 man and an own helipad, is made their multi-year commitment in the Cook Inlet. In addition to a routine review of the three massive pillars especially the 2,000 PS is made drill-ready strong Bohrrig and the associated equipment. In addition is also a last check of technical equipment on the around 2,000 square metre work deck, before it then goes shortly to the aid to Alaska. Once having arrived and anchored, the drilling platform can drill holes to a depth of 25,000 feet (equivalent to more than 7,500 meters) perform. The first hole should be up in the pre-tertiary layer at a depth of about 16,000 feet and thus by up to 21 support zones. With the arrival of the drilling platform in Vancouver is achieved”an important step within the framework of realization of the project, explains energy capital Invest – CEO Kay Rieck. And because currently everything runs according to plan, the management of the energy capital invest assumes continue to be the first exploration company with a drilling platform in the Cook Inlet. In order to attain such an advanced project status during the placement phase, the management of the Stuttgart-based energy company once again this had decided to promote the project at his own expense and therefore at your own risk.

As for the energy capital invest, are also in the US oil and gas Fund IX KG investors primarily income from exploration, as well as from the sale of the mineral rights to and it is p.a. until the maximum dividend of up to nominal 15 percent. The US oil and gas Fund IX KG characterised also by a flexible runtime and an investment rate of 95 percent and above all by a nationwide unique security package. And after now more than 90 percent of the minimum capital were raised, a stake is likely most Fifth private placement energy capital invest only a short time to be possible.