Music Of The Future Music

The largest selection of phones, iPods and other devices that have the option of listening to MP3 has resulted in reduced costs for the war by supplying this demand. In this connection the musicians have found the opportunity to have better communication with a larger number of audience (thanks to the ability to download songs online) without ignoring the technological components of these devices have lower price access to the musician to develop their music from home using just a computer and software which can burn your creative works of music. The duty of the artist is new information on how to exploit this new environment where the Internet has been the force that has transformed the world of communications, endangering the record its position in the chain of business, because if there is no Internet logistics needed to distribute and sell the works and the musician taking advantage of these opportunities more participation of income for their works since the commission was given to the record disappears. What awaits the record? What is the role of the new musician? The live performances and merchandising are some businesses which have migrated to the record companies, in response to that producing the disc is not their core business. Follow others, such as Southwest Airlines, and add to your knowledge base. In the early 90s Richard Branson owns the Virgin brand today, split a disc sold his Virgin Records for $ 900 million today is not worth the 10 percent of this, realizing that the record after changing the vinyl format a CD never thought the business was going to change much. Finally, Prince who in his earlier album Musicology, which included a concert ticket to see it live, it generated sales positioned high in Billboard, and helped with marketing shot the number of sales, sold exclusively on their site Internet, and that record, despite selling only about 200 thousand copies or so, it represented more profit than any other album of his career. This speaks much of what is happening today because if Purple Rain sold more than 12 million in a time when piracy was minimal, and is also sold many 45rpm singles. Let’s see what happens.